• NSC 2018 is being held October 11-14, in Providence, Rhode Island.

    APTA is now accepting proposals for NSC 2018 via ScholarOne. Note: there is a $20 submission fee required for each submission.

    Access the submission site.

    Proposal Deadline: Friday, April 27, 2018

    Proposal Submission Requirements

    Proposal submissions should include:

    1. Title, description, and overall purpose of the educational session (limit the title to 65 characters and the description to 200 words.)
    2. Topic or subject matter description that will be addressed in the session
    3. Course/session learning objectives (maximum 4)
    4. Content outline that specifies your plans: provide details about your session, the need for this session, and what attendees can walk away with after attending
    5. Speaker information (including credentials and biography); will you have more than one speaker for this session?
    6. Three keywords relative to the educational session
    7. Various teaching and active learning strategies (examples- lecture and discussion followed by any of the following: role playing, simulations, case studies, small group interactions, integrating technology)
    8. Recommended participant level:  Consider your audience. NSC attendees are SPTs and SPTAs. What year of schooling is your session most relevant to: 1st or 2nd years (for SPTs and SPTAs) 3rd years (SPTs), or multiple? In considering audience relevance, we encourage content submissions for NSC that are innovative and challenging. We are excited about NSC sessions that offer new content, ideas, research, or practices not already being taught in the classroom.
    9. Speaker disclosure statement (indicate if potential for conflict of interest, bias, material gain, or indicate if no conflict).

    Educational Session/Proposal Formatting

    Your education content should:

    • be 60 minutes in length (presentation length)
    • provide knowledge, skills, or information that can be applied right away
    • not be duplicative to what students are already learning in the classroom
    • be hot, cutting-edge, or offers a new perspective
    • pertain to both physical therapist (PT) and physical therapist assistant (PTA) students
    • reinvigorate and inspire

    Topics of Interest

    • Non-traditional careers in physical therapy
    • Ideas for demonstrating an entrepreneurial spirit
    • Clinical or private practice in a very specific specialty area
    • Innovations in physical therapy related to technology, new evidence, and education
    • Surviving PT/PTA school
    • Preparing for graduation - job searching, interviewing, contracts, entering the workforce
    • Personal anecdotes and tools for a successful career
    • Recommendations for books, articles, applications, and pod casts
    • Collaborative care models
    • Complicated patient cases
    • Leadership in physical therapy


    Contact nsc@apta.org about NSC 2017 programming or submitting the form.

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