Other Publications

In addition to the publications featured on the left, APTA also publishes the following:

  • Annual Reports

    Annual reports of the American Physical Therapy Association.

  • Friday Focus

    Electronic newsletters dedicated to 4 specific topics (Professional Issues, Evidence & Care, APTA & You, and Payment)

  • Perspectives Magazine

    APTA's publication for new professionals.

  • A Profession in Transformation

    APTA is introducing a 4-part series that will explore what it means to be a professional, enterprising, knowledgeable, and inspirational physical therapist in the current health care landscape. This series helps you catch up on some of the transformations happening within the profession, and highlights important themes and resources you might have been too busy to notice.

  • Today's Physical Therapist

    A Comprehensive Review of a 21st Century Health Care Profession


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