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Imagination. Inspiration. Innovation. That's what the Physical Therapy and Society Summit (PASS), a first-of-its-kind event for APTA and the physical therapy profession, was all about. PASS took place February 27-28, 2009, at Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, Virginia, a location selected because if offered a retreat-type of setting that created the "think tank" atmosphere desired for the summit.

PASS used a pit/gallery format for discussion, with defined roles for participants in each section. The pit consisted of approximately 60 participants, including 30 physical therapists, and 30 non-physical therapists representing government, health policy, academia, engineering, bioscience, and information technology. These pit participants were joined by a gallery of approximately 60 individuals from the physical therapy profession. Individuals in the gallery responded to and offered additional input to the 60 participants in the pit, through interactive exchange prior to and during the meeting.

Physical therapist participants were selected through a nominations process that included a self-nomination option as well as the ability for members to nominate other members.

Watch the PASS Video to get a flavor of this think-tank summit and the rich and highly interactive discussion that occurred regarding areas of opportunity to empower physical therapists to be leaders in integrating innovative technologies and practice models and establishing collaborative interdisciplinary partnerships that address current, evolving, and future societal health care needs.

Learn more about PASS below and be inspired to consider what your role is in bringing imagination, inspiration, and innovation to life in your practice environment and creating a future that best serves the needs of those we serve - patients, clients, and the public.

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