Public Relations & Marketing: Presentations & Event Planning


Physical Therapy and APTA (7 MB - .ppt)
This PowerPoint presentation gives a brief overview of the history of the profession and the organization, emphasizing what PTs and PTAs do, conditions physical therapists treat, where PTs practice, PT and PTA education, and current issues facing the profession. Use the PowerPoint presentation to educate physicians, nurse practitioners, and other health care professionals or students in the medical profession about what you do. It is also meant for consumer workshops, career days, health fairs, and other consumer events.

"You Can Be Me" Video
The 11-minute informational physical therapy careers DVD "You Can Be Me" features PT and PTA members who practice in various settings. Brief interviews with these members about their personal career choices are also included. This tool is available to members and nonmembers. (Click here to order.) Use the DVD (not the streaming video) when making presentations. Send the video link to local career reporters or share it via social media.

Event Planning

National Physical Therapy Month
National Physical Therapy Month occurs every October and is a great opportunity to increase awareness about the benefits of physical therapy and to market your practice. The tools in the Event Planning Guide will help you plan any of your events, any time of year.

Fit for the Fairway Event Kit
A posture assessment kit for golfers, everything you need to put on a free golf assessment is provided in the "Fit for the Fairway Event Kit," including an instruction manual with information about conducting activities and publicizing the event, 50 activity forms for recording information, a pad of 50 exercise sheets, and 50 golf tees. Contact the manager of your local public golf course. Ask to set up free "posture during the golf swing" assessment near the driving range.

Balance and Falls Awareness Event Kit
A public awareness kit designed to promote balance and falls prevention among senior citizens, the "Balance and Falls Awareness Event Kit" includes an instruction manual with information on conducting activities and publicizing the event, "Balance Score Sheets" for recording information, "What You Need to Know About Balance and Falls" patient education brochures, stopwatches, and foam blocks for the standing balance activity. Contact your local retirement community and offer to conduct balance and falls screenings for their residents. A package of patient information brochures, "What You Need to Know about Balance and Falls," is already included in the kit.

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