About 'Find a PT'

"Find a PT" is APTA's online directory that connects consumers with practicing APTA member physical therapists for the purposes of seeking care. Prospective patients at APTA.org or MoveForwardPT.com, APTA's official consumer Web site, can use "Find a PT" to search for physical therapists in their area, searching by city/state or zip code, or by name (PT or facility).

All practicing member physical therapists are eligible for enlistment in "Find a PT," however members aren't automatically enrolled. Physical therapists must fill out and activate their "Find a PT" profile in order to be included in the database.

"Find a PT" profiles include the following elements:

Practice Areas: These broad areas, which use consumer-friendly terminology, allow consumers to narrow their initial search results according to their condition or interest. PTs should select all appropriate practice areas.

Practice Focus: Physical therapists can select up to five specific "practice focus" areas, which display beneath underneath a PT's name in a consumer's initial search results and on a PT's personal profile page, allowing consumers to quickly determine a PT's chosen area(s) of expertise.

ABPTS Certifications: Physical therapists can easily highlight any ABPTS board-certified specialties by choosing from an available list. ABPTS board-certified specialists are listed first in a consumer's search results.

Biographical Information: In available text fields, physical therapists can describe their Professional Experience, Professional Education and Certifications, and Professional Associations. PTs can also upload headshots, practice facility logos or photos, or link to any professional Facebook or Twitter pages where you might want to direct consumer audiences.

Practice Descriptions: Physical therapists can describe their facilities, and perhaps include accepted methods of payment (insurance).

To activate your edit your "Find a PT" profile, go to My Profile and select the "Find a PT" tab. Look for the link to the sample "Find a PT" profile for further guidance.

Please remember that your "Find a PT" profile information is intended for use by consumers seeking care and thus is publicly accessible. Although APTA takes measures to attempt to prohibit data phishing and warns against solicitations, APTA cannot entirely prevent your information from being accessed and possibly misused.

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