Reach the Media

In order for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants to market or themselves, or their practices, or the entire physical therapy profession, it's important to know how to write letters to the editor, news releases, and media alerts.

This page also includes resources on handling media requests.

Tools You Can Use

Letters to the Editor

  • Writing Letters to the Editor

    Sending a letter to the editor, in response to a story, is an effective way of getting your voice heard and is an excellent public relations tool to raise awareness of critical issues facing the physical therapy profession at the grassroots level.

  • Letters to the Editor

    See APTA's latest Letters to the Editor.

News Releases

  • Writing News Releases

    The news release is the basic and most accepted method of conveying information to the media. A news release may be used to announce a special event, meeting, speech, award, appointment, research report, or any other information you consider newsworthy.

  • News Releases

    See APTA's latest News Releases.

Media Alerts

  • Writing Media Alerts

    The media alert is an abbreviated version of the news release. This one-page reference sheet contains the "bare facts" of your event. The purpose of a media alert is to motivate media to actually list and/or attend your event.

  • Media Alert Sample (.doc)

Responding to Media Coverage & Requests

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