FAQ: PTA Representation in APTA Governance

In June 2005, two bodies were formed to represent the physical therapist assistant membership in APTA, the Advisory Panel of Physical Therapist Assistants and the Physical Therapist Assistant Caucus. As a result of the governance review process, in 2011 the APTA Board of Directors voted to discontinue all advisory panels in favor of using more adaptable work groups and task forces as needed to accomplish the work of the association.

What does the PTA Caucus do?

The PTA Caucus is the voice of the physical therapist assistant in APTA governance. The PTA Caucus meets annually prior to APTA's House of Delegates and periodically throughout the year to address the goals and objectives of the PTA Caucus and to prepare for the House of Delegates where policy decisions are made regarding the profession. The PTA Caucus includes 5 delegates who are elected by the PTA Caucus Representatives and 51 PTA Caucus Representatives, one from each jurisdiction.

What do PTA Caucus Representatives do?

PTA Caucus Representatives are active participants in their Chapter Delegations, providing information and raising issues related to the work and development of physical therapist assistants. They also attend the APTA House of Delegates, PTA Caucus meetings, and other PTA related meetings as able. The Representatives serve as crucial points of contact for the physical therapist assistant members in their respective Chapter as well as providing the Chapter Delegation with the physical therapist assistant's perspective on issues before the House.

What do the PTA Caucus Delegates do?

The PTA Caucus Delegates provide the leadership for the PTA Caucus and speak on behalf of the PTA Caucus and PTA members in the House of Delegates. They meet monthly via conference call to stay on top of issues related to the PTA and attend PTA Caucus meetings, the House of Delegates held annually in June, and other PTA and governance related meetings as able.

What are the requirements to be a PTA Caucus Representative?

The requirements vary slightly from chapter to chapter, but generally, you must be a member in good standing in APTA. It is highly recommended to be active at the district and chapter level and develop good leadership and communication skills prior to submitting your name for consideration as a PTA Caucus Representative.

How do I pay for going to the House of Delegates if I get elected?

Most chapters provide full or partial funding for their chapter representatives to the House of Delegates. Employers are also a possible funding source. Those who are running for PTA Caucus leadership positions may be entitled to funding.

What other opportunities are there for me to get involved in APTA at the national level?

APTA has numerous opportunities for involvement for physical therapist assistant members. The APTA Board of Directors appoints members to serve on new and standing volunteer groups, namely committees and task forces. APTA staff may select member volunteers for work groups. Learn more about APTA's new Volunteer Group System that will be fully employed in 2012.

If I want to learn more or talk to someone about the PTA Caucus and/or other volunteer opportunities at APTA, who do I contact?

Please address additional questions to:

PTA Services
1111 North Fairfax Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 1-703-706-8514 or 1-808-756-9139
FAX: 1-703-838-8910

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