PTA CPI Online Training and Assessment Program

About the Online Training and Assessment Program

This free online course provides a standardized training program and assessment designed to educate physical therapist assistant students, clinical instructors (CIs), center coordinators of clinical education (CCCEs), academic coordinators of clinical education/directors of clinical education (ACCEs/DCEs) and faculty about the appropriate, valid, and reliable use of the APTA Physical Therapist Assistant Clinical Performance Instrument (PTA CPI): Version 2008. Successful completion of this training and assessment program (passing 70%) is required for all users to access the PTA CPI Web (requires a username and password).

Taking the Online Training and Assessment Program

Access to and instructions for the PTA CPI online training and assessment program are available through the APTA Learning Center course catalog. To access the course please follow the directions provided through the "Purchase Now" feature. If you are not an APTA member or former member you will first need to login to the APTA Web site to obtain a username and password prior to being able to purchase the course in the APTA Learning Center. Follow the directions carefully to ensure completion of the 5 training modules and to complete and "submit" the assessment e to earn .2 CEUs (2 contact hours) You must submit your assessment before you can print your CEU certificate.

Accessing PTA CPI Web

Once you have successfully completed the APTA PTA CPI online training and assessment and printed your CEU certificate, you are then able to login to PTA CPI Web to complete your student(s), or self-evaluation if you are a clinical educator or student affiliated with a physical therapist assistant academic program that is registered to use the PTA CPI Web. If you are looking to login to PTA CPI Web to evaluate your student(s), and have successfully completed the APTA CPI Training, please login to the PTA CPI Web site using the username provided by the academic program.

If you have not completed the APTA CPI Training and Assessment, or do not have a username for PTA CPI Web, please contact the academic program you are working with for more information. Please note, not all PTA academic programs have registered with Liaison International to use PTA CPI Web.

Using PTA CPI Web

PTA CPI Web Participant Guide (.pdf)