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    Bioness Receives FDA Clearance for L300 Go

    Bioness Inc has received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration for its L300 Go System. The L300 Go builds on the company's NESS L300 Foot Drop System and NESS L300 Plus System with advancements that include 3D motion-detection of gait events, multichannel stimulation, and a mobile iOS application to track user activity.

    The system is designed to provide ankle dorsiflexion in adult and pediatric individuals with foot drop, and/or to assist knee flexion or extension in adults with muscle weakness related to upper motor neuron disease or injury. It electrically stimulates muscles in the affected leg.

    The L300 Go is the first functional electrical stimulation system, Bioness says, to offer 3D motion detection of gait events and muscle activation using data from a 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer. An adaptive learning algorithm accommodates changes in gait dynamics, and a high-speed processor deploys stimulation within 10 milliseconds of detecting a valid gait event.

    The company will commercially release the L300 Go this spring. Initially, the system will be available only to health care professionals for clinic use. Home user availability is targeted for later this year.

    VariGrip Therapy Introduces Cobrand Program

    VariGrip Therapy has begun a cobrand program to allow clinics to promote their practice. The new program allows a clinic's logo to be printed on 1 side of the device. The VariGrip logo and tension or resistance-specific information is printed on the other side. According to the company, the device is the only hand exerciser with the patented ability to adjust the tension level in each individual finger. Adjustment knobs allow the user to modify tension as needed, resulting in incremental transition from lighter to heavier tension levels. The palm bar is wide in order to disperse pressure, and includes an aggressive lip for a more stable fit.

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