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    Gorbel Displayed Technology at CSM 2017

    Marketplace StepRight

    Gorbel Medical displayed its SafeGait Solutions for rehabilitation at CSM 2017 in San Antonio earlier this year. Featured products were the SafeGait 360 Balance and Mobility Trainer, the SafeGait ACTIVE Dynamic Mobility Trainer, and the SafeGait EMBRACE Rehabilitation Harness. Its newest product, the StepRight Stability Trainer, was demonstrated on site.

    SafeGait 360® and ACTIVE are ceiling-mounted, dynamic body-weight support and fall protection systems. SafeGait incorporates innovation into traditional gait and balance therapy, Gorbel says. Its integrated rail system and G-Force® technologies are based on Gorbel's experience in designing, building, and installing cranes, custom rails, and safety solutions.

    StimRouter Successfully Implanted At European Sites

    Marketplace StrimRouter

    Bioness, Inc, has announced the first series of successful StimRouter Neuromodulation System implantations in Europe at Radboud University Medical Center (Nijmegen, Netherlands), South Victoria University (Cork, Ireland), and Kliniek Park Leopold Chirec (Brussels, Belgium). Bioness plans to support additional clinicians across the continent.

    Erkan Kurt, MD (The Netherlands), Dominic Hegarty, MD (Ireland), and Jean Pierre van Buyten, MD (Belgium) implanted the StimRouter to manage chronic pain conditions originating from varied peripheral neuralgias.

    StimRouter is a minimally invasive neuromodulation medical device consisting of a thin, implanted lead with a conductive electrode, external pulse transmitter (EPT), and hand-held wireless patient programmer. Electrical signals are transmitted transdermally from the EPT through the electrode and down the lead to the target nerve. StimRouter is programmed at the direction of a physician to meet patient requirements, but is controlled by the patient to address the patient's specific, changing pain management needs. The device has been cleared by the FDA to treat chronic pain of peripheral nerve origin.

    IBM and Avamere to Research Care in Senior Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities

    Marketplace Avemere

    IBM and the Avamere family of companies (Avamere Health Services, Infinity Rehab, Signature Hospice, Home Health, Home Care) have announced a 6-month research study that will use IBM cognitive computing to help caregivers improve care at senior living and health centers. By analyzing data streaming from sensors in senior living facilities, Avamere hopes to gain insights into physical and environmental conditions and to identify factors that affect 30-day hospital readmission rates.

    Factors being monitored include movement, air quality, gait analysis, and other features that could lead to risk of falls. IBM will analyze this streaming sensor data to help Avamere create and maintain a contextual understanding of its residents.

    Infinity Rehab, which provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology services to Avamere patients and residents, has taken steps to integrate data collection and analysis into existing modalities in order to standardize therapies across the company. By integrating additional data sources, such as sensors, Infinity Rehab and Avamere hope to improve patient outcomes, increase efficiencies, and reduce cost to payers.

    New Website for Sole Wellness Coach Certification to Earn FSBPT Approval

    Marketplace Catalyst Coach

    The Catalyst Coaching Institute has unveiled a new website at www.CatalystCoachingInstitute.com, featuring the only wellness coach certification—Certified Wellness Coach (CWC)—to earn the approval of the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT).

    "We are very encouraged to see this become a reality for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants," said Brad Cooper, PT, MSPT, ATC, MBA, cofounder of the Catalyst Coaching Institute and columnist for APTA's PT in Motion and Perspectives magazines. "We have seen the emphasis on wellness expanding in our profession over the past decade. Now we have a certification option that is approved by the nation's largest physical therapy CEU-governing organization. This is a very positive development for all involved."

    The CWC designation also is approved or accredited by the National Athletic Trainer's Association Board of Certification (NATA-BOC), the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching (ICHWC).

    PT Reinvents the Finger Ladder

    Marketplace Finger Ladder

    The UELadder, a new tool for patients with shoulder problems, combines a finger ladder with an over-the-door mount. Its design makes the standard finger ladder more convenient and user-friendly, the manufacturer says. An over-the-door mount installs without the user needing to reach overhead, which is suited for those with shoulder pain. Unlike finger ladders that require permanent mounting, the UELadder can be moved from room to room within the clinic or home.

    Two models are available: the Original UELadder is wood and intended for home use; the Professional UELadder is plastic and suited for clinics and home health therapists.

    "When PTs pour their passion for helping patients into products, they can make a big difference in someone's life that lives all the way across the country from them," according to Chad Prince, PT, MSPT, the product's developer and company owner. UELadders are manufactured in Oxford, Alabama, with assembly performed by The Opportunity Center, an agency of the United Way that facilitates employment of individuals with disabilities.

    Cascade Dafo Launches New Transfer Pattern and Coloring Pages

    Marketplace Cascade

    Cascade Dafo, creators of the original DAFO (dynamic ankle foot orthosis), has added a new transfer pattern, "Princess Party," to its collection custom DAFO designs. Prospective purchasers can "try on" this and other colorful patterns by visiting the DAFO Creation Station at cascadedafo.com. The interactive tool lets users view various transfer patterns, strap colors, and padding colors.

    Also new at the Creation Station are DAFO Coloring Pages—companions to many of the new transfer designs—can be downloaded and printed so young patients can color them in. Cascade Dafo says the pages are a good way to get children excited about their new braces and keep them occupied in their practitioner's office.




    KLM Laboratories Introduces Kid O

    Marketplace KLM

    KLM Laboratories has introduced the Kid O, the newest addition to its line of prefabs. The device has a soft polyethylene shell and a flat rear foot post. A corrective pediatric insole features a medial skive in addition to medial and lateral flanges, which make it an alternative to a custom device. According to the manufacturer, the Kid O has a soft feel while providing maximum biomechanical control.

    PT Invents Multiple Exercise Device

    Marketplace Versaslider

    Nelson Ware, PT, had a stroke at the age of 38, which led to early retirement from his clinical work. Knowing the demands placed on physical therapists and wanting to give back to the profession, he developed the VersaSlider.

    The device allows patients to perform multiple exercises without the need to be constantly monitored for muscle substitution. A slight heel elevation provides clearance under the knee so that ice can be applied or a brace can be secured without the assistance of the patient or another therapist. As a result, patients can achieve full knee extension because they don't have to constantly reposition the extremity.

    The VersaSlider has an ultra-slick base that slides on most surfaces and can substitute as a powder board. This base enables patients to perform multiple exercises without having to maintain proper hip position, which limits muscle substitution and the need for additional assistance by the therapist.

    "The therapist will no longer need an extra hand to support a lower extremity, carry along an extra bolster roll, haul out the heavy and bulky powder board or run from patient to patient to help maintain proper positioning with pillows and towels," according to the company.

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