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    • June 2019

      Performance Health/WebPT, OPTP

    • December 2018 - January 2019

      Medi-Dyne/ProStretch NightSock, Ottobock/WalkOn

    • November 2018

      Tekscan/Strideway, Aretech/ZeroG

    • October 2018

      OPTP/Stability Trainer, Exercise Pro Live

    • September 2018

      OPTP/Pro Roller, PrePak/Free-Up

    • July 2018

      OPTP Adds 25 Products and Books to New Catalog; Game Ready Offers New Full-Leg Recovery Wrap

    • June 2018

      Ari-Med/Flexall, OPTP/Performance Wedge

    • May 2018

      Biodex Gait Trainer, OPTP Performance Block

    • April 2018

      Parker, OPTP massage balls and wall anchor, Biodex Mobility Assist, Cascade DAFO

    • March 2018

      BioSensics/BalanSens, Parker Labs

    • February 2018

      OPTP/PRO Soft Release ball, Biodex/Mobility Assist, Biosensics/LEGSys, RockTape/Mohawk

    • December 2017-January 2018

      Juvent Health/PlatformR, Clarke Health/Stair Trainer, LEGSys, EasyStand, Performance Health/Von Vital’

    • November 2017

      Bioex; KLM; LSVT; Performance Health; Relias

    • October 2017

      ATI; Magister Corp

    • September 2017

      Brees; Hocoma; Biodex; Nethealth

    • August 2017

      Cascade Dafo, North American Spine Society/McKenzie Institute, OPTP/PFProp, OPTP/”Why You Hurt” Therapeutic Neuroscience Education System

    • July 2017

      Performance Health/TheraBand, OPTP/Handii Healthy Hands, Fabrication Enterprises Inc/Relief Pak, Biodex, Clark Health Care Products/Dynamic Stair Trainer

    • June 2017

      Gorbel/SafeGait, Bioness/StimRouter, IBM/Avamere/Infinity Rehab, Catalyst Coaching Institute/Certified Wellness Coach, UELadder, Cascade DAFO/Creation Station, KLM Laboratories/Kid O, Versaslider

    • May 2017

      Bioness/L300 Go, VeriGrip

    • April 2017

      Aretech/ZeroG, OPTP/Knee Glide

    • March 2017

      OPTP/Posture Supporter, TheraPulley

    • February 2017

      RockTape/RockSauce, OPTP/LoRox Aligned Travel Roller