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  • Bloodflow Restriction Training Featured on ESPN, Part of Military Rehab Program to be Discussed at CSM

    A "tourniquet training" technique that has helped wounded military veterans make dramatic strength gains was the subject of an ESPN feature on Veteran’s Day.

    The approach involves the use of a pneumatic surgical tourniquet to reduce blood flow to the injured limb while the patient participates in strength training. Johnny Owens, PT, a physical therapist and chief of human performance optimization at the Center for the Intrepid, introduced the technique at the Brooke Army Medical Center.

    Owens claims tourniquet training allows patients to train at low loads "to improve their function without compromising vulnerable joints or soft tissue." According to an article that accompanied the ESPN video, the technique has resulted in 50%-80% strength gains.

    In the ESPN segment, APTA spokesperson Stephania Bell, PT, OCS, ESPN.com's injury analyst and senior writer, was interviewed about the possibility that the technique might the useful for rehabilitation of elite athletes. Bell thinks the likelihood is strong. "Our service members are truly highly trained, gifted athletes, and if we can return these ultimate athletes to their field … how can we not consider these results and expand them out to the general athlete population?" she said.

    Owens is a scheduled presenter at APTA’s 2015 Combined Sections Meeting, February 4-7 in Indianapolis, where he will join Jason Wilken, PT, MPT, PhD, to provide an overview of the rehabilitation strategies being used at the Center for the Intrepid.


    • Do you know if this form of therapy is being performed at the civilian level..? I am a candidate for knee replacement however my insurance will not approve it because in only in my 40's. I had reconstructive surgery to force my knee to track with the use of anchors and because I have zero cartilage and microfracture didn't work, my knee stays swollen the inflammation probably destroyed the marrow that was supposed to help with the missing cartilage. I am now two shots into a 3shot gel process and I am not optimistic. I cannot run, jump bend my knee. I have become less of who I was , a competing swimmer, tri althalons, mudders long distance runner. I can barley walk a mile..I have started slowly inter grating Pilates but even after an hour of that I am sidelined for two days. Between the pain, painful reminders and the weight gain it's becoming a slow and death I am losing faith and hope. if you know of anyone that I can consult with close to me in Las Vegas I would forever be grateful Thank you Robin

      Posted by Robin on 4/10/2016 10:30 AM

    • I am currently recovering from Knee replacement surgery, would BFR be something that could help me, and where in the Tidewater area of Virginia. could I go for help?

      Posted by Richard A. Bland Sr. on 4/12/2016 9:34 PM

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