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  • Forbes Says Demand for PTs in 'Top 10'

    According to a recent online story in Forbes, among careers that require a college degree, physical therapists (PTs) are 1 of the "top 10 jobs in high demand"—a distinction shared with professionals including software developers, nurses, and industrial engineers.

    The article is a sequel to an earlier piece that looked at in-demand professions that did not require a college degree. The new list was created by CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl, and targets professions in which the number of available jobs posted each month is larger than the number of workers available.

    According to the research, physical therapy is in 8th position, with an average of 24,425 unique job postings per month, during which an average of 10,880 PTs are available for hire. The study estimates total PT employment at 211,296, and median hourly earnings at $38.63.

    The entire Forbes list, in order: marketing executive, software developer, registered nurse, industrial engineer, network and system administrator, web developer, medical and health services manager, PT, speech-language pathologist, and sales manager.

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    • where do Occupational Therapists fit in this study? Possible oversight???

      Posted by Barbara on 12/3/2014 11:56 AM

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