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  • Human Movement System Roundtable Podcast Now Available

    If you ever wondered if APTA has taken a firm position on the human movement system, wonder no more: according to the guiding principles of the association's vision statement, it's nothing less than "the core of physical therapist practice, education, and research."

    But saying it doesn't make it so. The question is, has the physical therapy profession embraced the movement system, and what still needs to be done to truly integrate the idea throughout the profession?

    Those issues were front and center at the 2015 Rothstein Roundtable held during APTA NEXT Conference and Exposition in June, and now a recording of that roundtable is available to members for free, courtesy of APTA's journal Physical Therapy.

    Called "Putting All of Our Eggs in One Basket," the nearly 90-minute conversation features panelists Stephen J. Hunter, PT, DPT, OCS, Barbara J. Norton, PT, PhD, FAPTA, Christopher M. Powers, PT, PhD, FAPTA, and Lisa K. Saladin, PT, PhD, FASAHP, who address early gains, challenges to come, and possible barriers. Moderator for the roundtable is Anthony Delitto, PT, PhD, FAPTA.

    Listen in, and get the latest on what some of the profession's leaders in research, education, and practice have to say about one of the key guiding principles in the profession's vision of "transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience."

    Need a little more context before diving into the podcast? Check out these resources on the human movement system, and read about how the system relates to the APTA's vision statement for the profession.

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