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  • Medical Research Gets Its Own App

    It may lack the glitz of the $10,000 gold-plated AppleWatch that debuted this week, but Apple's new foray into open-source medical research is turning its share of heads in health care.

    As part of its "Spring Forward" launch program, Apple unveiled ResearchKit, an app that integrates with its HealthKit app to provide medical researchers with access to data from users who sign up and consent to participating in a particular study—also transformed by Apple into a simple online process.

    The app is open-source, which will allow researchers to use ResearchKit in a wide variety of studies, and with non-Apple devices. According to an article in MobiHealth News, apps already created with ResearchKit focus on Parkinson disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and breast cancer.

    Participants in studies that employ ResearchKit will use their phones as a monitoring and data delivery system. The Parkinson app, for instance, can analyze the gait and balance of a participant by having the individual put the phone into a pants pocket, walk 20 steps, turn around, and return. Developers also report that the app can "detect symptoms in Parkinson patients just by having them say 'ahhhh' into the phone," according to the MobiHealth News article.

    Apple claims it will never have access to the data shared between participants and researchers using the app. ResearchKit is set to launch in April.


    • I think its Great!! Im all for new Technology. Ill be using it

      Posted by Linda Potter on 3/11/2015 10:22 PM

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