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  • CMS Adds 5-Star Rating System to Hospital Compare Website

    Think of it as TripAdvisor for hospitals: last week, the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) unveiled a 5-star rating system for hospitals based on patient satisfaction.

    Better yet, think of it as a really, really selective TripAdvisor for hospitals, because only 7% of the 3,553 hospitals reviewed earned a full 5-star rating.

    Last week, CMS added the rating system to its "Medicare Hospital Compare" resource, an online lookup that allows the public to compare hospitals according to a wide range of information, from the facility's ability to receive lab results electronically to its Medicare reimbursement totals. The new patient satisfaction rating system is similar to Medicare's 5-star system for nursing homes.

    The star system is based on patient responses to questions about doctor and nurse communication, room and bathroom cleanliness, noise, staff responsiveness, pain management, and clarity of postdischarge recovery instructions.

    User ratings of hospitals were also the subject of a recent research article that correlated hospitals' Facebook ratings with readmission rates.

    Of the 3,553 hospitals that had sufficient patient survey data to review, only 251 received all 5 stars. Just over a third of hospitals (1,205) received a 4-star rating, while 3-star ratings were earned by 40% of the facilities (1,414), and 2 stars were given to 16% (582). Approximately 3% of reviewed hospitals (101) received a 1-star rating.

    According to a report from National Public Radio, "Many [of the 5-star hospitals] are small specialty hospitals that focus on lucrative elective operations such as spine, heart, or knee surgeries." The report states that these smaller hospitals tend to fare better in patient reviews than general hospitals, "where a diversity of sicknesses and chaotic emergency rooms make it more likely patients will have a bad experience."


    • What does a 7 star rating mean exclacy?

      Posted by Gerald sanders on 11/17/2016 11:24 AM

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