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  • Blogs and Tweets and Posts Oh, My: Support for Therapy Cap Repeal Gets Creative

    APTA members and supporters are keeping the pressure on the US Senate to consider an amendment that would end the therapy cap, and, true to the profession, doing it with plenty of energy and creativity.

    In addition to APTA’s own grassroots efforts to ensure that a therapy cap repeal amendment is included in legislation to end the sustainable growth rate (SGR), Joseph Brence, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, used his "Forward Thinking PT" blog to urge physical therapists (PTs) to contact their senators, and he compiled a list of social media handles that makes it easy to post to legislators' and staffers' Twitter accounts. The list also includes links to each senator's Facebook page.

    Many PT and physical therapist assistant (PTA) students are answering APTA's request for phone calls, but with a twist: yesterday, they began answering a challenge from APTA to document their phone calls to senators by posting photos on Twitter. You can check out the photos through this Storify page. Great stuff.

    The grassroots efforts are aimed at capitalizing on what has been described as the best chance of obtaining a permanent repeal of the Medicare outpatient therapy cap since it was imposed 18 years ago. This chance, in the form of an amendment from Sen Ben Cardin (D-MD), would end the cap in the same legislation that ends the SGR.

    But the Senate needs to allow the amendment to be put up for consideration first. Visit APTA's Medicare Therapy Cap webpage for more information, and make 2 calls today.

    Not sure how to get in touch with your senator? The US Senate's website offers a contact lookup feature for phone numbers and email addresses. When you call, consider sharing the following message:

    "Senator Cardin is pushing for an opportunity to offer an amendment to fully repeal the therapy cap. I strongly urge you to (1) support his efforts to get a vote on the amendment and (2) then to vote for this critical amendment. Since Congress established the arbitrary cap on Medicare outpatient therapy services, Congress has acted 12 times to prevent the cap's implementation. Continual extensions of the therapy cap exceptions process costs significantly more in the long run than addressing a permanent solution NOW."


    • End the Medicare salary cap, NOW1 Martha M Mattox,PT www.ultrahealth.org Ultrahealth Sports Physical Therapy and Training 220 MOntgomery, Suite 110 San Francisco, CA 94104

      Posted by Martha M Mattox on 4/10/2015 7:12 PM

    • First this is not the issue we should be concentrating on. The cap keeps clinics from over utilization which many try to milk all they can out of the system already. Secondly the biggest issue is physician own PT...referral for profit ...or what ever the new buzzcterm is these days....thats the real fight...it turns PTs into techs..PERIOD...it is hortible for the patients when they do not know any better...they receive substandard care in those churn and burn offices....you to fight something...fight that...I said this over 10 years,ago and we let it happen and its our own fault!!!....this cap bill is worthless!!!

      Posted by Lorne MacDonald on 4/11/2015 9:45 AM

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