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  • ADA Turns 25—Here's How You Can Help Celebrate

    Happy 25th anniversary to a law based on an idea that lies at the very heart of the physical therapy profession—that individuals should not face barriers of any kind based on disability.

    Signed into law on July 26, 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) altered everything from employment policies to building design, and from educational approaches to the ways information is made available to people across the US. Its legacy, including the ways in which it has been expanded and strengthened over the years, is one of transformation—not just toward accommodations in physical, employment, and educational environments, but toward a more inclusive society.

    In recognition of this important anniversary, APTA has signed the Proclamation to Recommit to Full Implementation of the ADA. This statement celebrates progress made through the law but acknowledges that "the full promise of the ADA will only be reached if we remain committed to continue our efforts to fully implement” it. Signing organizations can be viewed by state—look for APTA among the organizations from Virginia.

    APTA is urging its members to join in celebrating and recommitting to this important act by signing the ADA Pledge for Individuals and participating in other programs meant to draw attention to the positive change that has taken place since 1990. Here are some additional things you can do to help mark the ADA's anniversary:

    • Share your story. The ADA Legacy Project has established a repository for individual stories about how the ADA has impacted people’s lives. Take a few minutes to share what the law has done for you and your patients and clients.
    • Check out the DisabilityBlog. This series of moving blog posts by individuals whose lives have been changed by the ADA is a great reminder of why this anniversary is worth celebrating.
    • Follow the ADA on Twitter. #ADA25 will keep you connected.
    • Join the celebration! Many local recognition events already have taken place, but there are more to come—particularly between July 24 and 26, and especially in Washington, DC. Check out this list of events to see what's up in your area.

    Need to get up to speed on the ADA? Time for an ADA refresher? Check out APTA's Americans with Disabilities Act webpage, a resource that features guides for employers, rules on mobility access rights, notes on ADA amendments, and more.

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