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  • Forbes Says PT Jobs Will be Hard to Fill in 2016

    Physical therapy has once again made it into a "top 10 jobs"-related list: this time as one of the "toughest jobs to fill in 2016."

    According to a recent article in Forbes, employment forecasters crunched numbers from the US Bureaus of Labor Statistics (BLS) and other demographic data to create a list of the careers that employers will have a tough time fully staffing over the next year. Just as physical therapy often makes it into lists of the most in-demand jobs, so it shows up among the jobs that will most challenge employers.

    Physical therapists (PTs) join registered nurses and home health aides as the health care jobs on the list, with the Forbes article cites retiring Baby Boomers (and the related need for care among this population) and the Affordable Care Act as the main drivers for the gaps between available jobs and individuals to fill them.

    Rounding out the list were data scientists, electrical engineers, general operations managers, information security analysis, marketing managers, medical service managers, and software engineers.

    The jobs report, created through a partnership between CareerCast and the Society for Human Resource Management, cites estimates from APTA that predict a potential physical therapist (PT) employment gap of about 33,000 in 2016. "Like other health care fields, demand is up due to greater accessibility to health insurance and the aging population," the report states.

    Earlier this year, CareerCast ranked PTs as 17th in its list of the 200 "top rated" jobs in the country in terms of "work environment," "stress," and "hiring outlook." The findings echoed a similar study from late 2014, also reported on by Forbes, that listed physical therapy among the "top 10 jobs in high demand."

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