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  • What HE Said: 6 Great Quotes From the Huffington Post Interview With APTA Executive Vice President Justin Moore, PT, DPT

    Your call: you could spend your Huffington Post browsing time reviewing stories on the latest antics of political candidates or staring at yet another cute animal video, or you could devote a few minutes to an APTA staffer's views on physical therapy—its current state, its future, and what might be done to increase innovation in the profession.

    APTA Executive Vice President of Public Affairs Justin Moore, PT, DPT, participated in a recent Q-and-A style interview with blogger Marquis Cabrera and physical therapist DPT student Lauren Jarmusz. The interview posted on March 1, and it's a worthwhile read. Here are a few highlights among Moore's quotes.

    • "The current medical hierarchy is a culture of control over collaboration and care," 1 of 3 barriers to innovation in physical therapy cited by Moore. The other 2: the fee-for-service model and payment restrictions such as the therapy cap.
    • "We need to show the quality of our services through a reformed coding model," on the need for a retooled system that accounts for patient management or condition.
    • "As the US health care system evolves, PTs will be taking on more primary roles. They'll be more engaged, for example, in community health care models."
    • "There's a huge potential in patients working with PTs to better manage their health. When PTs actively participate with patients and other providers to manage conditions, the result will be reduced health care costs and better patient outcomes."
    • "Treatment by PTs traditionally has been positioned at the back end of the health care continuum. To reduce the amount spent on musculoskeletal disorders, physical therapy should be positioned on the front end."
    • "Patients put their quality of life in our hands, and that role is so important to who we are as a profession."

    The interview also covered the association's consumer education efforts, the Innovation 2.0 initiative, and Moore's advice to students in DPT programs, something he called "a unique and entrepreneurial calling."


    • Excellent interview by Justin Moore! Thanks for posting these highlights.

      Posted by Julie Schwertfeger on 3/1/2016 7:25 PM

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