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  • LEAP: Bringing Cochrane to the Clinic

    You're probably familiar with Cochrane systematic reviews, those studies-of-studies that are intended to provide the most reliable take on conditions and treatments. Cochrane reviews provide invaluable information—but how do you put that information into practice?

    Enter "Linking Evidence and Practice" (LEAP), a learning program sponsored by Physical Therapy (PTJ), APTA's scientific journal, that aims to help clinicians get the most out of Cochrane reviews for the benefit of their patients and clients. Each LEAP article is written by an author team that generally includes at least 1 "in the trenches" physical therapist (PT), and includes "at a glance" tables as well as the bottom-line information you need to know to apply the review's findings.

    Here are some of the latest courses based on LEAP articles, available through the APTA Learning Center:

    The LEAP articles also include a case section to show how a review's results inform clinical decisions for a specific patients. Authors answer questions such as "How did the results of the Cochrane systematic review apply to [the patient]?" "How well do the outcomes of the intervention provided to the patient match those suggested by the systematic review?" "Can you apply the results of this systematic review to your own patients?" and "What can be advised based on the results of this systematic review?"

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