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  • CNN Money Looks at Challenges Faced by PTs, Other Providers, Whose Jobs Require Touch in the Workplace

    A recent article in CNN Money looks at the issue of touching in the workplace from the perspective of professions that typically involve physical contact—including physical therapy.

    "No Touching in the workplace. But what if your job requires it?" includes interviews with long-term care workers, a nurse, and Jill Boissonnault, PT, PhD, co-author of a recent study on inappropriate patient sexual behavior (IPSB) involving physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and students. That study, which appears in Physical Therapy (PTJ), found that 84% of respondents had experienced IPSB at some point during their careers or training, and that 47% had experienced IPSB within the past year. The study is also the subject of a recent PTJ podcast.

    In the CNN article, Boissonnault points out that PTs and other health care workers experiencing IPSB are in a complicated situation that can pit the unacceptability of the patient's actions against the provider's ethical commitment to patient care. "That doesn't mean we would tolerate a client jeopardizing our safety…but the clients' best interests need to be forefront in our minds," she tells CNN.

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