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  • APTA Formalizes Partnerships with Special Olympics, Move Together, AAOMPT

    There are some great organizations out there doing things that align with APTA's vision to transform society, many of which have worked with APTA informally for years. So what would happen if those organizations took the next step and formally combined forces with APTA to seize on opportunities to work together?

    We're about to find out. 

    APTA has established an "APTA Partners" program aimed at developing formal connections with organizations with shared goals. The first 3 official APTA partners are organizations that already have a history of working with the association. They are:

    The American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy
    Also known as AAOMPT, the academy is a national organization committed to excellence in orthopedic manual physical therapy, with Fellows who provide the highest level of musculoskeletal care through advanced manual therapy practice. 

    AAOMPT and APTA have enjoyed a strong collaborative relationship for more than 20 years, working together on legislative efforts, advocacy campaigns, and initiatives in education and research. For many years APTA has designated AAOMPT as the US representatives to the International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists, a subgroup of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy. Read more about the partnership in this APTA news release.

    Move Together
    Founded by Efosa Goubadia, PT, DPT, and Josh D'Angelo, PT, DPT, Move Together aims to increase access to quality rehabilitation medicine "around the corner and around the world." Its programs are focused on increasing the quality and quantity of clinics, empowering clinicians, and inspiring leaders. 

    APTA and Move Together have collaborated around the PT Day of Service, an initiative that Goubadia and De'Angelo began in 2015 and that has grown rapidly since. More recently, Move Together launched its Clinic Development Program, where volunteers work side-by-side with local community members, PTs, and municipalities to build rehabilitation clinics from the ground up and then equip and operationalize the facilities for sustainability. Read more about the partnership in this APTA news release.

    Special Olympics International
    This well-known global movement is centered on creating a new world of inclusion and community, where all people are welcomed and accepted regardless of ability or disability. Special Olympics provides year-round sport training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continued opportunities for physical fitness. 

    The Special Olympics-APTA partnership builds on the longstanding relationship that already exists between the 2 organizations, opening up possibilities to team up on joint advocacy initiatives and collaborative research. Read more about the partnership in this APTA news release.

    APTA has a well-established Strategic Business Partners program focused on relationships with for-profit companies, but this is the first time the association has formalized relationships with nonprofit organizations that share many of APTA's values.

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