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  • PT, PTA Students Use 'Flash Action' Against the Therapy Cap

    A physical therapist (PT) and physical therapist assistant (PTA) student-led "flash action strategy" (FAS) held last week was all about stopping the Medicare therapy cap.

    And once again, students showed how enthusiasm for the profession can make a real difference.

    In the middle of packed semesters, students from dozens of schools across the country participated in a nationwide effort to press for repeal of the therapy cap. Primarily using social media, participants concentrated their efforts during a 48-hour window of intense messaging, September 12-13. Between an early alert on September 11 and some final action the morning of September 14, more than 10,000 emails, letters, faxes, and phone calls went out to members of Congress via APTA's Legislative Action Center and Patient Action Center. The latter, where consumers can contact their members of Congress, saw a nice uptick in registrations during the FAS, largely thanks to APTA members encouraging nonmember colleagues, family, friends, and patients to participate.

    Even though the FAS is over, APTA still needs members' efforts toward repeal of the therapy cap by year-end. That's when the latest extension of the exceptions processes expires, and the hard cap on Medicare payment for outpatient physical therapy services will be implemented. The Medicare Therapy Cap webpage explains how to email and meet with legislators, download the APTA Action app, and join the APTA PTeam to receive updates and alerts.

    PT and PTA students will bring their energy and excitement to the upcoming APTA National Student Conclave, set for October 19-21 in Portland, Oregon.


    • I am a physical therapist and small business owner of a Medicare certified rehab agency of 60+ therapists. We provide outpatient PT, OT and SPT services in clients home. Average home visit cost to Medicare is about $100 visit. So the therapy cap limits services to about 4-6 weeks. Now, many clients could go to a homehealth agency for Medicare part A rehab that has no cap and the cost to Medicare and the tax payers is over two and a half times that per visit! The therapy cap pushes clients to more costly healthcare options when it is not necessary and financially irresponsible. Repeal the outpatient Rehab services cap and save Medicare a lot of money.

      Posted by Dr John Baker PT on 9/21/2017 3:23 PM

    • Cap repeal is important. It is also time to get into fighting for doing away with MPPR, the direct access for all and making sure we are all advocating for the physical therapy profession. The MPPR is biased against small business and hurts our profession. Let’s get on board and spread that message!

      Posted by James Mawhiney PT, DPT on 9/23/2017 3:04 PM

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