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  • From PT in Motion Magazine: Moving Away From Opioids

    Health experts, federal agencies, and national organizations such as APTA have been sending a clear message that providers and patients should first consider nonopioid treatments such as physical therapy for chronic pain. But has it made a difference?

    Yes, according to Alice Bell, PT, DPT, APTA senior payment specialist, who represented APTA on the National Quality Forum’s “opioid stewardship action team” earlier this year. She tells PT in Motion magazine that "Across the profession, we're seeing more and more patients who are accessing physical therapy before opioids are prescribed, or who've been on opioids but realize they aren't helping to treat or manage their underlying conditions."

    In this month’s issue of PT in Motion magazine, author Chris Hayhurst writes about APTA’s ongoing efforts to build public awareness and its leadership in policy discussions around nonopioid alternatives to pain management The article includes excerpts from an APTA white paper, “Beyond Opioids: How Physical Therapy Can Transform Pain Management to Improve Health.” The white paper outlines the history of the opioid epidemic and summarizes research on physical therapy’s effectiveness in treating, managing, and preventing chronic pain.

    Moving Away From Opioid Reliance” is featured in the October issue of PT in Motion magazine and is open to all viewers—pass it along to nonmember colleagues to show them one of the benefits of belonging to APTA. Printed editions of the magazine are mailed to all members who have not opted out; digital versions are available online to members.

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