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  • CDC Reiterates Limits of Opioid Prescribing Guideline

    The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) wants to make it clear: its guideline on the use of opioids for the treatment of chronic pain is not intended to apply to pain related to cancer treatment, palliative care, or end-of-life care. The clarification is consistent with messaging used by APTA in its #ChoosePT opioid awareness campaign and its MoveForwardPT.com consumer-focused website.

    In a February 28, 2019, letter from CDC Chief Medical Officer Deborah Dowell, MD, MPH, the agency restates its intentions around the prescribing guideline, issued in 2016, that recommends nonopioid approaches including physical therapy as a preferred first-line treatment for some—but not all—types of chronic pain.

    "The Guideline was developed to provide recommendations for primary care physicians who prescribe opioids for chronic pain outside of active cancer treatment, palliative care, and end-of-life care," Dowell writes. "Because of the unique therapeutic goals, and balance of risks and benefits with opioid therapy in such care, clinical practice guidelines specific to cancer treatment, palliative care, and end-of-life care should be used to guide treatment and reimbursement decisions regarding use of opioids as part of pain control in these circumstances."

    The letter was written in response to concerns voiced by the National Comprehensive Care Network, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, and the American Society of Hematology that some payers were balking on paying for opioid prescriptions in circumstances outside the scope of the CDC guidelines.

    Even without the clarification, the original guideline is explicit in its intent, which appears in the first sentence of the document and again when the CDC describes the scope of the guideline and intended audience. Similarly, APTA makes it clear that doctor-prescribed opioids are appropriate in some cases and has included that message in both its #ChoosePT webpage and its public service announcement related to the opioid crisis.

    "The Guideline is not intended to deny any patients who suffer with chronic pain from opioid therapy as an option for pain management," Dowell writes. "Rather, the Guideline is intended to ensure that clinicians and patients consider all safe and effective treatment options."


    • Chronic pain people like myself are suffering needlessly because of those whom choose to abuse medication. It should be doctors call,not the CDC or govt

      Posted by B.smith on 4/12/2019 6:24 PM

    • * 7 back operations before 20. * Altered lifestyle (pain) for 40 thereafter. * 3 more back operations between age 45 - 49. * One operation resulted in slashed spinal canal and massive nerve damage. * Lived with increased draining chronic pain for another 5 years while experimenting with numerous treatments , did not want pain medications. * As last resort I met with doctor and finally succumbed to pain medication . * Started with 150 mgs combination of OxyContin/OxyCodone, cut to 120 mgs and then to 90 mgs , initiated by myself. * Then the decision was made for my doctor to cut to a total of 60 mg. Surgeries were discussed but not an option due to concern of the spinal canal mishap and my doubts . * I live in pain ...... * Leads me to wonder if doctors have a revised and “ handcuffed “ Hippocratic Oath , paraphrased below: “ to use treatment to help the sick based on ability and judgement ... ( someone else’s judgement) . “abstain from wrongdoing or harm ( to myself ) . * I am not unique with this ordeal .

      Posted by C. David Garvin on 4/15/2019 5:58 PM

    • Those guidlines were enforced as if they were laws. Some states went above and beyond the CDCs guidelines, while some physicians opted out of prescribing at all. This left pain patients without any recourse at all. At the same time the continuous malignant language in mass media, and marketing sites liek this one, stigmatized, blamed and conflated all pain patients with craven drug addicts. Physical Therapists as health professionals, chose to use the so called opioid epidemic to market their services, by misleading and cherry picking information, in order to elevate their business, and increase profits. The tone of this article suggests they are utterly unaware of what their patients are dealing with. PT works fine for some conditions, especially post surgical, or for rehabilitation after an accident. There is virtually no credible research on the various pain conditions, and in some cases Physical Therapy can be dangerous or lead to further injury. Of course no research has been done on those issues. Another area where Physical Therapy has not been studied, is when they postpone a surgery a patient needs. Patients who are vulnerable, and desperate, turn to Physical Therapy to avoid surgery. In many cases all that they did was subject themselves to a year or more of appointments, frustration, and pain, and they still needed the surgery. They did not have access to real medical advice. No research was done on this postponement, and further debilitation, due to trying physical therapy for a condition that can only be made worse. Desperate pain patients are reaching out on these sites. They were told by industry funded advocacy groups to "Tell their story." These patients should not have to plead their cases on sites like this or the CDC Website. Most are suffering horribly, like the one who commented above. Many of these pain patients had multiple surgeries, some had infections and amputations. These are among the people who have been denied pain treatment, due to the misreporting of science, facts, and the advertising done by groups like this. There is no evidence that physical therapists can cure the ongoing intractable pain, these patients endure day in and day out. They start to sound insane, because they don't sleep. Their sleep is interrupted by their intractable chronic pain. They endure years of this, while they are ignored by sites like this. No amount of physical therapy, acupuncture, marijuana or thinking good thoughts can relieve their pain. Yet a health provider is using their distress to market their services. There is no mention of the criticisms of the CDC guidelines here, or the damage they have done. Clearly Physical Therapists are unaware that some of their patients were denied pain care, a clear diagnosis, or were forced to undergo physical therapy, even though it would not cure their pain or even make it manageable. We have a conspiracy of silence here, since the misery of these discarded patients can be profitable.

      Posted by Kathy Cooper on 4/16/2019 1:11 PM

    • You state, "The Guideline is not intended to deny any patients who suffer with chronic pain from opioid therapy as an option for pain management." Well, that is exactly what your guideline did! Some of the statistics on your website are also not accurate. The numbers of people dying are not the same for people who take prescribed opiates vs heroin laced with Fentanyl and not prescribed Fentanyl, Fentanyl that is man made. The total numbers of people dying should be separated by: prescription opioids/ Heroin with Fentanyl. There is a big difference. Chronic pain patients should matter and it seems they don't. My grandfather who worked hard all his life was on opiod medication for over 15 years. He didn't abuse it, he took it as prescribed and it was not anywhere near 90 MME, that dose wouldn't have touched his pain. He just retired in 2017 and he was enjoying life and being outside working on his yard, planting flowers, trimming the bushes, he even added a chair for himself to sit in the back of the yard under the trees. He was 73 and had alot of life left in him, until his doctor was to scared and feared he'd lose his license if he kept prescribing my grandfather his opioid medication. His dose was also not anywhere near 90MME. Everybody handles pain differently, people are built differently, there should not an across the board amount to prescribe, especially that low for chronic pain patients that have been taking their medication at a higher dose for years, which was another reason his doctor was scared, because the amount he was prescribing was over 90MME. He started to wean my grandpa off of his medication and it was so heart breaking to watch him just start to deteriorate. He couldn't walk on his own anymore, he needed a walker, he started sitting in his chair to watch TV, which was not the norm for him. The color started to drain from his face, he started to look pale, like a chalky pale, he had very dark bags under his eyes and he just looked awful and he was no longer my grandpa that was full of life and loved to make people laugh. He begged his pain doctor to please help him get out of the debilitating pain he was in and to give him his medications back. The doctor had tears in his eyes also, because he has treated my grandpa for over 20 years. His reply to my grandpa was that he was so very sorry he couldn't risk losing his license. My grandfather was no longer the same person he once was, it was so hard for our family to watch him continue to go downhill. My grandma ran to the store on Sunday afternoon as she always did and when she got back home my grandpa was not in his chair, she went to go find him and calling his name, she opened the door to their bedroom and there she found my grandpa on their bed, no longer alive. He had shot himself. Our whole family took it hard and to see my grandma hurt so badly. This happened all because of the guidelines that the CDC put in place. He worked so hard his whole life and didn't even get to enjoy his retirement. This is happening to chronic pain patients all across the US and nothing is being done about it. It seems to me that saving the lives of the people that chose to take the medication the incorrect way and end up dying are more important than the people that depend on the opioid medication to live their lives and be a productive member of society and that is so very sad. My grandfather taking his life could have been prevented if the CDC and government thought of everyone when coming up with their guidelines and rules. The FDA, the DEA, the AMA have all requested the guidelines be changed to address chronic pain patients and the doctors, so that more chronic pain patients don't have to suffer the way my grandpa did. I read the article above and thats all that was written about the issue and I really hope that was just a start to make it a better. Please look into making it public that the 90mme guidelines are not meant for chronic pain patients and let the doctors treat their patients. If you saw this from my side, you would see the opioid medication works when taken correctly!

      Posted by N. Lanier on 4/17/2019 5:37 AM

    • I have said the same thing many times. I too live in severe chronic pain and have been reduced to a point that I don't sleep or want to eat so my weight has dropped to less than 100 pounds. I followed the instructions on my bottle religiously because I needed them to live a somewhat normal life. It is sad some choose to abuse but why are we punished for it. Everything you said is absolutely true...I am so sorry for your loss, a needless loss. The numbers are skewed and docs know who does and doesn't abuse we are monitored like children. WE ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT as those who choose to abuse or abuse street drugs...where is the compassion for us..the ones who can't be "fixed"?

      Posted by Carol Cassel on 4/23/2019 1:04 AM

    • I too suffer from chronic pain and have been taken down to less than 90 mme.I suffer from spina bifida, a split spinal cord, a tethered spinal cord and degenerative disc disease. Not to mention the nerve damage that was done when I contracted meningitis after my 2nd back surgery. I have pulmonary fibrosis and rheumatoid arthritis. I have done PT, trigger point injections,RFA, accupuncture, chiropractor,and numerous other therapies to no avail. I used to be able to take care of my small ranch with miniature horses and enjoyed going to local fun horse shows and taking minis to nursing homes and other public and private events. I wasnt pain free but I was able to have some quality of life and was able to function. Now I have a hard time getting out of bed. I have had to ask for volunteers to help me take care of the animals until I can get them sold.The horses were what kept me going and getting out of bed everyday. But now I am faced with losing the things I love because Doctors are more worried about their license than they are about the well being of their patients.I have never abused my meds. I have been tested often to be sure and the results are consistant. Why are the ones who really NEED it being punished? You are worried about saving their lives but what about ours? You dont know how my times I go to bed in tears and just wish that I wont wake up because I know what the day ahead is going to be like. Besides being tired from lack of sleep I know my day will be full of pain. PLEASE will someone advocate for us? I just dont know how much longer I can deal with this

      Posted by Sherrie McIntosh on 4/25/2019 6:14 AM

    • I am a Combat Medically Retired Navy Veteran after 5 Spinal Surgeries and a Muscle Flap to cover my back of entire neck on a 4 month vacuum seal pump and my doctor Erb from Sarasota FL just came in with a sheet with a huge printed number 545 and said without any discussion lowered my Rx Fentanyl Patch and said anybody over 500 is likely to commit Suicide and left. At my next appt with LPN I asked how much my total level dropped, without a thought said 15 points that means now CDC 530. I asked if this makes any difference, she said no but Dr Erb can include my numbers in his report. I asked if anybody saw the 10, 20, and 30 year studies on Opioids that show people between 200 and 350 are 100x more likely to switch to the illlegal Opioids from China have fake Fentanyl and other garbage inside. I asked for a meeting with Erb and for 1.5 months evaded by Kennedy White Orthopedics and as a presidential awarded veteran and a graduate of Ringling School of Art and Design with BFA in 2007. So many veteran Suicides for doctors that don’t read the entire report but complain they can’t afford their 4th house. With all Navy, VA and Social Security I get $2500 a month the SSA judge was so pissed off at all my doctors and VA refusal to send neither my VA medical records nor my VOCREHAB records my case lasted 5 minutes.

      Posted by Stacey.Trent Gruver on 4/28/2019 1:42 AM

    • I am 65 yrs old been on opioids for 20 years never had a problem worked with back issues from work related accidents finally it was to much the port was no place for me had to stop but remained active,now I am on a very low dose and live in bed pain is no fun but people with guns have legislation to keep them or the hands of misusers why do I have to suffer and people with guns can keep them there has to be a better compromise is not fair

      Posted by Robert Melendez on 5/2/2019 7:39 AM

    • This clarification is completely useless to me today. I have required a low dose of Norco for decades due to chronic severe pain from multple wrecks and accidents. I have been put thru HELL for two years due to doctors afraid of prescribing it. I went thru all the alternative "solutions" with no positive results, just unbearable pain and 3 hours of sleep a night. They finally decided I really did need it (decades of previous use with no abuse didn't apply). Then I moved to Arizona, and being told I cant have one pill a day to make life less horrible. I am looking for attorneys who will file a class action lawsuit against everyone responsible for this horrendous torture being forced upon chronic pain victums like myself. References appreciated.

      Posted by Jim Lowndes on 5/3/2019 10:03 PM

    • Im sitting here bawling as I read these terrible stories of not perfect but manageable lives that have been torn apart! They are correct the bad ones that a use are having millions of dollars in funding thrown at them and EVERYONE is rushing to contain the problem. And here are all of the previously stable (as much as possible) lives. I am having to retire at 56 years old as my meds were cut in half. I feel lucky that my doc hung in with me but I still cant do my life now with the reduced meds ive lost 25 lbs in 3 months dont sleep well, cant take care of my family, my love in life , my dogs, most other thing I used to enjoy so much! Hey sex used to be in there too° lol. We are suffering and every body wants to send us to therapy . We ve been there done that. After multiple surgeries sometimes you Re just gonna have alot of pinched nerves and PAIN! IT MAKES ONE CRAZY!! im so sorry about your Grandpa! (Pre vious letter in chaIn) that broke my heart I cannot go yet cause i am a caregiver for my 83 yrr old mom. I cant leave her. .Someone needs to hp us we are dying out here!!

      Posted by Cheri on 5/4/2019 1:47 PM

    • Whether the CDC meant their guidelines to used as a guide, and only a guide, it wasn't. Even if they didn't know how bad it would get, they could have stepped in to change it. Considering the influx of complaints by physicians and patients, it would have been obvious that the "opioid crisis" had become a pain crisis. Early on in response to an email, I was told that the subject would be revisited in a year. I can tell you (or maybe I don't have to), a year is a long long time to people in serious chronic pain. From what I have seen, although restrictions are going to be lowered on treatment for opioid misuse disorder, the restriction lift won't cover patients who have relied on opioids for over a decade. Last year was hell. On a taper, during that year my doses of round the clock opioids were dropped to 1/10th of what I had been on. My prescription for a benzodiazepine was taken down then discontinued. Chronic pain can have breakthrough episodes, leaving a patient with anxiety and fear while waiting for the next one. I was lucky in that my Dr. tapered instead of kicking me to the curb, which would probably been fatal. Bloody vomit multiple times a day, paranoia, hallucinations, insomnia........... These occurred for a year. Some patients committed suicide. The CDC knew what was going on, because I told them. Every month, sometimes more, I email them, to remind them that what their guidelines are doing is damaging patients both physically and mentally. I've had only one Dr. that deals with my pain at a pain management clinic. He always follows the rules. Visits several times a year, a contract to ensure that I cannot accept an opioid prescription or benzo without my Dr.s approval. Bloodwork, saliva or urine screens and pill counts with only a 24 hour notice. We discussed treatment every time I went in regarding changes in dose, drug, adding, subtracting or rotating medications. I followed my Dr.s orders retrying non opioid medications just in case. No dice. He implanted a peripheral nerve stimulator that helped in combination with my medications. Opioids were not the first choice having been put on various treatments, both pharmaceutical and non pharmaceutical extending back over the preceding twenty years. Opioids were a last ditch. Without them, I would have had to go on disability fifteen years ago. Instead, I was able to continue working. The whole opioid situation is filled with lies by omission, throwing the blame on other offices and state governors who in turn, blame the CDC. Even if the CDC threw out the guidelines it wouldn't bring back lost time or change the suffering of chronic pain patients. Quite frankly, I would be very concerned that sometime later, they again made restrictive guidelines and there is no way I am going through last year again. At present, I spend my day and night in a dark room with earplugs in, knowing that activity will trigger more pain. Chronic pain patients are the ones who suffer the most. Patients, their families and their Dr. all pay the price. Addicts have to spend more to get their drugs. In fact, they are treated better than legitimate patients. Its outrageous but I guess we are not credible and make up pain so we can get high. Patients taking opioids do not get high. The only "high" comes from removal of constant pain.

      Posted by Alexander Wolf on 5/5/2019 7:01 AM

    • Great. Unless you live in my area, where every Doctor with chronic pain patients stopped writing prescriptions for pain medications, and, thanks to the initial CDC guidelines, which were backed up my Doctors being threatened and intimidated with loss of license regardless of the patients needs or responsible use of the medications, etc., They have been so reprogrammed, they are opting to stick with the ban on anything stronger than Ibuprofen So as good as this news is, including the fact that most patients prescribed opioid pain medications do not abuse them, and the majority of opioid related death stats are from Heroin and Fentanyl. In fact, very few (if any) street level busts involve these pills, and the ones that do are from misdirection and bulk, not pain patients. Until more Doctors and reputable voices speak up, and Doctors are assured they can once again treat their patients with strict monitoring, nothing will change.

      Posted by Chad Wurthing on 5/6/2019 8:41 PM

    • Most of us in pain management are intractable pain patients but we are still not being properly included in the reiteration of the guidelines. Once again hard working people that are not wanting to give in to disability are still being left out. Opiates are part of our DNA it's a God Given right so people can still work and rest ect but our hopes of getting our regimen back and keep in mind non of us where asking for increase in these medications and most of are responsible patients. Please CDC/FDA bring this new reiteration of guidelines to national T.V. just as done in 2016 so we can move with our lives because this has confused everyone so bad and we need your help so bad to come on national television and explain that pain management patients that are excellent proven records that they receive the regimens as they did before 2016. Please it's the only way our great Medical care Doctors will then be able to help us.

      Posted by Vincent Morraele on 5/7/2019 10:29 PM

    • Maby if I and or all pain patients write letters to that evil, heartless, greedy monster of a president trump and the evil lying government and tell trump that i and as many pain patients there is suffering will not and never be voting for him come election time, all the millions of us, then I bet he would get his evil, lying, cruel, inhumane tortureing head out of his evil as_ then. With that many voting against him he would never be president again, EVER. Either way I will, and I dispise him and will not be voting for him ever. He and the government are lying, tortureing evil monsters along with most doctors for not standing up for us. THEY ALL ARE EVIL MONSTERS

      Posted by Shane on 5/9/2019 1:40 PM

    • I read these comments and it breaks my heart. I too am a chronic pain patient. I am 75 years old my medicine has been cut in half so far because the pharmacies refuse to fill unless we are being reduced. I can no longer do anything but lie in bed and watch T. V. I love my garden & sitting on the lake fishing. My quality of life is reduced to nothing. I don't have any reason to live anymore. I can't watch my grandkids, I can't cook dinner, there is no reason to go on this way.

      Posted by Paula Tower on 5/9/2019 8:46 PM

    • As I read these stories, I know that I am far from alone. I was reduced TWICE by my doctor, even tho he absolutely hated to do it. He was being FORCED to reduce ALL of his patients, regardless of their history, condition or symptoms. I was already in the process of a medical retirement from USPS, but these REDUCTIONS weren't because I was suddenly miraculously improved. It's because now we have legislators and government officials making healthcare decisions without a medical degree or any knowledge of what is appropriate treatment for a chronic pain patient. I lost three months of the last five months because I was physically unable to move. I have Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, and damage to my cervical vertebrae with pinched nerves and joint degeneration. I had my left knee replacement in 2013, and I need to get the other side done but it's not possible until the insanity comes to a complete end. There's absolutely no way I'm going through that again and with less meds!! I've increased ALL of my other medications in a useless attempt to mitigate some of my symptoms. I've been imprisoned inside of my own body and there's no escape. The average street junkie addict is being treated better than the pain patients who see their doctors routinely, with drug screens, monitoring and documentation of every aspect of their care. Ambulances now carry Narcan to administer to a person who has overdosed, but for the regular citizens who have ALWAYS been responsible for their medications receive nothing but pain. It's a full on ASSAULT on the PEOPLE by our own government. Two years ago I was suddenly widowed. Because my husband had been taking Oxycodone and Fentanyl, his was labeled as "a toxic interaction". He had been taking the SAME medication at the SAME dose for over three years. What actually happened was that his liver function was impaired by the frequent infections and massive amounts of antibiotics and other drugs that he was prescribed for the infections. It led to a fatal sleep apnea episode. Either the Medical Examiner was incompetent, or he was told to list ANY death where opiates were found (regardless of the amount even if it's too low to be related to the death) as an opiate related death. The numbers are GROSSLY INFLATED and MANIPULATED that actual correct statistics are unavailable. Somehow there are MORE drug related deaths than the total deaths combined. The government and legislators who have started this epidemic of fear and mass hysteria should be required to compensate the VICTIMS or their FAMILIES for the unwarranted inhumane ASSAULTS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS. The amount of responsibility for this catastrophe is solely on the very agencies that are SUPPOSED to be protecting them instead. They have now issued a "clarification" of their guidelines. It's far too little and UNCONSCIONABLY too LATE. So now the question of whether or not there will be a course correction, or just to let the deliberate harm and injury stand, is being asked. Silently. Because the people are suffering needlessly and unable to speak for themselves.

      Posted by Elizabeth Ott on 5/9/2019 11:45 PM

    • These damn politicians are the reason people with chronic pain are suffering. There's a place in hell for these politicians responsible for suicides due to fact patients can no longer endure physical pain.

      Posted by Michael Viar on 5/12/2019 3:55 PM

    • I started having chronic pain in 2016 . I went to the Dr was told to do PT did that had 13 ESI s in 6 month had ACDF in Oct of 2018 after loosing my left arm .All I needed was pain medicine but they made me suffer.I went to a Dr at my clinic begging for something for pain my blood pressure was unusually high because of pain and the Dr just laughed and said oh your in a lot of pain . Refused to treat my pain but offered to mail me a free cane .I just left the hospital because I wanted to die because of the pain .I am on a methadone program so I can get out of bed and take a shower .I was left in so much daily never ending pain because of the CDC guidelines .The surgery should of been done right away but I was there New Guinea pig .I am grateful to be out of that pain but I feel guilty because of the new guidelines but I couldn't wait .Two years in bed unable to shower cook drive my car .This was tourcher .

      Posted by Lisa D on 5/13/2019 8:15 AM

    • I have been on pain meds for years never did anything wrong.My pain keeps getting worse because I think the medician has been cutdown so much and manufacturers put things in it that verys from one manufacturer to the other.I also think that it sould be put in categories people die from perscribed medication.Insted you are wanting people to kill themself from so much pain.No one can take the pain day in and day out.Please do somthing before its to late for alot of people that has no life.

      Posted by Pam motl on 5/13/2019 1:56 PM

    • I am so very sorry for all of you and honestly for myself. I got hurt 21yrs ago at age 28 working at Carlisle Army War College and had 2 spine surgeries and multiple surgeries from complications. My pain doctor had me on a 50mcg Fentanyl patch and 12mg Dilaudid every 4 hrs. One day 15 months ago I walked into my monthly appt for 5 joint injections and my prescriptions. Every prescription read do not fill until 31 days after the last script and it had been like that for 17yrs. But on that faithful day I was handed a letter telling me he was retiring because his hands had been tied and he was unable to help his patients. We were all left scrambling to find anyone who would prescribe anything. That left us with quackes that don't know or care how to help us. Rite Aid pharmacy had started over a year before refusing to fill his prescriptions which is bullshit for a pharmacy to be allowed to refuse to fill a legal script. I now have been reduced to 4mg of Dilaudid every 6hrs and a 25 mcg Fentanyl patch. I am forced to see a nurse practioner who always says right to my face she doesn't like me and will not prescribe anything she will lose her license over. I lost my script for Valuim for panic attacks and she told me last month she will stop prescrbing my muscle relaxers. She flat out refused to prescribe any anti-inflammatory which I received 1inj of 30mg Toradol a month from previous doctor. She doesn't like me because I question her and her methods. Since I refuse to smoke marijuana, have plasma rich injections or stem cell therapy which non of it is covered by insurance we all pay for because it is considered experiamental! I live in PA and if you choose to use medical marijuana which you can not get high from in PA you can not own or carry a gun. I live in a rural area and have the right to defend myself at least until they take that away too! People like our lovely President and other government officials have never experienced chronic pain or had a loved one suffer from the laws they have inacted or they would change their tune quickly. They are all a bunch of privilaged assholes which the rules of deciancey do not apply to! I can't even get injections placed in the same areas anymore. Someone PLEASE tell all of us what we are to be doing to be advocates for ourselves! I agree with the person who wrote about a class action suit which we should be able to lay at the feet of all who are responsible for the mess! I hope a damn good lawyer finds this website long before we are all forced to kill ourselves or become illegal drug users to survive each day. We would be better treated if we were in jail. Excuse me we are all in a jail of living hell and who will it be who finally does something. I now at the age of 49 haven't worked for 10yrs straight and am forced to live in a small 3 room apartment at a low income facility for the elderly and disabled living facility! I try to take care of my Disabled Veteran Father and myself but how am I to do this? My Mother died 3 1/2yrs ago and my retired LTC Sister lives in Florida and my father and I were spending Christmases with her and her husband since Mom died but this past year we couldn't because I couldn't drive there. We can't fly because when taking off and landing I experience extreme pressure in my spine not to mention sitting long enough for the plane to get there. At least in the car I could get out when needed. PLEASE if anyone finds a solution post it for all to see. May all of us survive and good luck to all.

      Posted by Cheryl Cook on 5/14/2019 4:54 AM

    • I’ve read hundreds of these comments! What I haven’t read is one comment from a Pain Management physician or someone who helped pass these cruel and questionable laws! Not one!!! I was warned by the Medical board in my state that if I filed a Complaint against a dr. or a clinic that I would probably be dropped as a patient and labeled a problem patient so other clinics would shun me. The medical board also said that the level of opioids prescribed was a guideline-not the law!!! Please call your state’s medical board and get a copy of the guidelines for your state! Dr.s are just worried about losing their licenses which is almost impossible for prescribing what a patient needs!!! Also, the opioid crisis is illegal fentynl and heroin and wasn’t meant for established chronic pain patients. So-be informed! We need to know and act upon the real truth and the law. Ask about your and your DR’s rights! I’m still waiting to hear from that dr. Or lawmaker. What say you?!

      Posted by Paula Kelch on 5/14/2019 2:13 PM

    • I have had trigeminal neuralgia, a severe debilitating and in many cases, such as mine, disabling facial pain disorder. I have been on opioids for over 40 years,my pain starting in 1976. The first script ordered by my doc was 8 ounces of tincture of opium. I went to 2 pharmacies, the first didnt carry it and the second filled it, no questions asked. I have since been on morphine, methadone, demerol, percoset, hydrocodone. I have chosen to stay on codeine for the past maybe 30 years. When the pain was very very bad, I was taking 14 grains (pills) of codeine a day, the normal dosage 1 every 4 - 6 hours. Like many patients anytime I was in hospital I would save all the pills I wasn't taken while an inpatient so I had enough to allow for that high a dosage. This was before the "opioid crisis" but you still were only allowed so many per prescription and to be filled only a specific time ranges. (I will return to this in a minute) After 40 years of taking the codeine this month was first time my insurance company refused to pay for the script, as they had always done. I have reduced greatly what I take so maybe now get a script filled once every 6 months for 100 pills. This is a low number of pills and usage and yet suddenly I have to fight to get the prescription filled. I was told they were requiring "authorization: for the prescription. How does that make sense, Obviously by writing for the drug the doctor was authorizing the script. Luckily I was not in need of the med as it took 2 weeks before either the doc called back/insurance changed their mind. Ridiculousness. And heaven forbid I took higher amounts and needed it ofr merely getting out ofbed in themorning. As to my other point re the 14 grains a day. I was taking that for 8 years. I had had a number of neurosrgeries that didnt work and then a dorsal column stimulator implant took away 85% of the pain. Trigeminal neuralgia makes touch to the affected area of the face horrendously painful (in my case so much that I had to have my face washed under general anaesthesia every 3 months for about 4 years to clean off the growth of dirt as a result of being unable to wash the involved area) 3 months after the implant, which had not yet started working I got in the shower and some water got on the left side of my face (the affected area) and I had NO PAIN!! I immediately s topped the codeine with no side effects whatsoever. This of course is anecdotal but studies repeatedly confirm that those of us who take opioids for chronic pain disorders rarely get addicted. Those that do usually have an addiction history, or family history of addiction. Some may become 'dependent" but that is very different from addiction. This "crisis" has to stop being taken out on those who live with daily chronic pain. Opioids let some actually help the country by participating in the economy via work, for others it allows them to get out of bed in the morning what they couldn't/can't do without the opioids they are prescribed. Let the CDC show they mean what they say by writing it loud and clear: chronic pain patients who require opioid medication must be allowed to continue letting their doctors decide, without fear of retaliation, what and how much opioid medication their patients may or may not require.

      Posted by carol levy -> DKVa@F on 5/14/2019 6:03 PM

    • Yes, this needs to stopped!! when were we fixed?? Only God can correct the failed surgery, Chronic pain is a real thing not made up. You can't look at a person and judge them by their cover!! my spouse has Chronic pain and Anxiety both very serve going on 20 years +. followed all the Dr.'s orders, always pass the Drug test etc. The Dr. continues to cut meds. and says you can't be treated for both Chronic pain and Anxiety you must decide on (1) due to the CDC. He had a stroke due to the rapid cut in Pain meds. Been in the hospital for 23 days. Dr. at the hospital said the Dr.s should stop and stand up for him, he is a human and this is unhuman punishment!!! Were is our legal rights??? we are not robots!!! the CDC is playing with fire on this. Wait until someone or many flip out, what will they do then?? why hasn't the CDC mailed those with Chronic pain and Anxiety anything, they have our records. We have rights and should be allowed to have our mental health and some relief from pain with meds. this is #1 priority!!! *** chronic pain patients who require opioid medication must be allowed to continue receiving their meds. without fear of retaliation, what and how much opioid medication they need/require should be up to the person and their health care provider.

      Posted by Debbie on 5/15/2019 11:39 AM

    • I wrote President Trump a letter. I called him the most Inhumane President of all time. I told him my condition is similar to a cancer and AIDS patient. I have Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis that progression rate is 400 percent a year. Sjogrens diease, It affects my organs too. My stomach lining is gone, my organs swell and get covered with internal soars just like the external soars ony skin., Degenerative Disk Diease my disks have no fluids at all., Scoliosis, because my back can't support itself, my ligaments and tendons tear away from the bone. Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and Fibromyalgia. I have done Chemotherapy for my R.A. ( but remember it's not cancer) just treated like cancer! My body is eating itself! And my response was not from President Trump. It was from Health and Human Services stating...My care was with my Doctor and my individual case. To me this is beside the point of changing the new 90 Milligrams Morphine Equivalent. President Trump wants people to commit suicide. It would sure help his Defishit, all the people die and nobody is benifisherarys to their Social Security or Disability income. Our lovely Government keeps that! The government doesn't even call it Social Security income. It's now called a Benefit! Imagine feeling so sick every day that all you want to do is throw up from Pain So severe from your body attacking itself. Fuck you, President Trump! The inhumane Leader of the whole dam U.S.A.

      Posted by Susan Edwards on 5/15/2019 6:45 PM

    • I've been on opioid for 11 years ,never misused or tested dirty or short on meds,now I have 3 kids might be taken from me cause I'm unable to take care of them,I have PTSD anxiety, rusphred disk full muscle tear rotor cuff surgery, sciatica, osteoarthritis, list goes on ,I'm now in so much pain I wish god would take me,on top of losing my kids,they should of known we as pain patients do what is asked and now we have to suffer,your right how many have to die first from sever pain,this is why now I understand why people go to street or kill themselves, this is no joke I hope and pray something good changes soon we suffer not them why should they care.

      Posted by Karol on 5/15/2019 10:15 PM

    • These damn polotitions are the reason people with chronic pain aresuffering. There's special place in hell for these polotitions Responsible for suicides due to the fact patience can no longer endure physical pain. I dare you to walk (oh lets sat about 12 feet!)in my shoes and feel my agony! Talk with other leaders honestly because one day you will be the laying like an invalide shrieking in horrible pain!

      Posted by Barbara Brardt on 5/16/2019 11:10 AM

    • I'm in the same boat as many of these personal stories. Because the two rare painful incurable diseases I deal with are not fatal in and of themselves- I'm being forced to totally get off all opioids, which I was on the same dose for 17 yrs. The CDC does not recognize how going from being functional to bed ridden has placed me at risk for blood clots/ stroke/ death [which would be a blessing at this point]

      Posted by beth on 5/16/2019 3:51 PM

    • Having gone through posts, It is very obvious that a great many people are still suffering. Why then, has there not been a lifting of opioid restrictions for chronic pain patients? When the CDC slapped a one size fits all set of restrictions, they essentially took control of what chronic pain patients need to treat their pain. They never saw or spoke to us. Don't know what we look like or know our circumstances. If a Dr. prescribed medication, any medication, without any relationship between Dr. and patient, they would either have their license suspended or taken entirely. So, why is it that the CDC thinks it can? I used to think the whole "black helicopter" thing was a reference to paranoid people. Not anymore. I wonder how many people involved with making or enforcing the opioid guidelines go home and directly to the wet bar? How many pop pills? Should one of them need an opioid at higher than the "recommended", how fast could that person pull some strings and exempt themselves from the guidelines? Perk of the job? Probably kill their own mother if it meant winning an election. My patience ran out months ago, and I won't apologize for my anger.

      Posted by Alexander Wolf on 5/20/2019 6:39 AM

    • I am a chronic pain patient and while most of you in these comments share your stories with respect, some of you *I am looking at you Shane* lay blame where i does not belong. Doctors, well most of them aren't to blame. Would you like someone to come take your livelihood away? If they lose their license is that good for anyone, you still will not get your meds. And for that fool Shane, GTFO with your Trump hate, moron. The blame lies with the CDC and their statistics in which pain patients are lumped into the same group as junkies and the medical examiners who when someone dies of overdose, despite the fact they have several drugs in their system (including heroin) blame prescription pills if they are present in the toxicology tests. Heroin also has a component in it that metabolizes quickly into morphine in the blood. So they, the CDC and medical examiners are lying. I would suggest reading some of the articles put out by the Cato Institute regarding why when prescriptions for opioids has decreased, the deaths from overdoses (again mostly from illicit street drugs) is accelerating. There are many physicians who speak out about this and advocate groups for chronic pain patients. I know it hurts, I know too well ( I have excruciating neuropathy) but get together with these groups and try to do something positive to help others in the same boat as ourselves. Lay blame at the feet of those responsible, not those that have been lied to along side us, like Trump and our doctors.

      Posted by dehumanized on 5/24/2019 8:07 AM

    • You caused tons to suffer, some even committed suicide, I hope you get sued by their families, oops our guidelines were misinterpreted years later, after making us suffer, getting treated like addicts, have pain clinics close from stress, attack doctors like the one in CA for helping chronic pain patients, or I even saw a toddler screaming from a syrinx in his spinal cord, like I have, bc he was in bad pain and not prescribed anything, guess what, little kids get in bad pain too, my young son with Cervical Dystonia does. You are pieces of shit CDC. You owe a formal apology to chronic pain patients, and our doctors. Also, I feel bad for Cancer patients, but so many other diseases like Syringomyelia, RA, etc. cause bad pain too, quit making only a few painful conditions, when many cause bad pain. Have you had a syrinx press on nerves and destroy your spinal cord CDC writers??? Glad u fixed the huge torturous mess you caused.

      Posted by Jackie on 5/29/2019 11:14 PM

    • My problem is more with the pharmacy not the doctor. Also the opioid risk tool is getting to be a big problem for me. 3 pharmacies were out of the medication but was filled by the 4th. My score rose because I went to multiple pharmacies, it is so unfair. I am open to any suggestions of help

      Posted by Essie on 5/30/2019 10:54 PM

    • I am not putting the blame for this unholy mess on my President. I am totally convinced it all came through Jeff Sessions. I sincerely hope he finds out what he did to us. I was not going to a regular MD. I was with a Rheumatologist. Did not even receive a lesser amount of pain meds, I was abruptly stopped period. My life is over now at 75. I cannot continue to live like this plus we have zero medical marajuana or anything else to stop the hurt. I am unable to walk. Did have a life before but now it's gone. Now only option is suicide. You are also horribly lacking in SAMSA where i live.

      Posted by Marjorie Cameron on 5/31/2019 2:03 AM

    • I am a long time chronic pain patients who was on SS disability until I was put on opiod pain medication in 1992. Back then these drugs were written by a psychiatrist. In a year I was back to work full time and have excelled at work. I have 4 beautiful grandchildren who come over every other weekend. My pain management doctor wrote my scripts every month for years. He slowly reduced his office hours to once a week for 3 hours. I couldn't come during that time and he would not offer any more days and times. I think this was his way of pushing us out the door. I went to a new Dr who cut my dose in half. Since then I have missed more days of work then I had in years. The Dr said the CDC guidelines restricted him for prescribing more than 90 mg and I take 120mg. In reading the guidelines myself it is not including pain patients who are already at a high dose and that tapering down should be slow. The reason why we are suffering is because the CDC didn't make this clear in the beginning. I think the CDC should be made to send every doctor so they are assured they are not going to lose their license for prescribing pain medication to those who need it to live. I will not be able to continue working at this reduced amount. I will be forced back onto SS disability. My life as I knew and loved is gone. Everything I love to do is gone because I can't do it. I can't stand for longer than 5 minutes. Not only are we in pain we suffer from withdrawal. To the CDC...you haven't saved anyone because pain management patients were not the ones dying of overdoses. The people on the street will continue dying because they are not pain patients .they are addicts. There is a big difference. Why don't you conduct an investigation on how many pain patients have overdosed on opiods? Then you will see who the real addicts are. It is not chronic pain patients.

      Posted by Monica Charbonneau on 6/1/2019 1:24 AM

    • I read all of the above and have to say " the government has created an epidemic with the 90mme rule and by scaring the physicians to death, to treat the patients and not a rule"! My issue on top of everything is a workcomp issue. The workcomp people never do anything to help anyone and this just helped them with their cause. I was a 30 year OR Nurse and know that doctors take an oath to "do no harm"! The government has put the physician between a rock and a hard spot. I've been looking for answers too and as stated above no studies have been done as to the effect of long term opiate use in chronically encumbered patients. The government issued inappropriate guidlines to cover "all" and it doesn't work for "all". I live with chronic pain every day. Blew two disc at work. Physical therapy, three operations ( the last a fusion 2003 ). Forward 2015 started telling my pain management Dr something is wrong I'm getting worse. Asked repeatedly for updated MRI. Told me one lie after another about workcomp would not approve it. Finally got thru to someone at the insurance company. Was told he had never put in an order for the MRI. The company called the Dr and long story short I got my MRI which he acted like very much pissed him off. Point is I am worse. Two more blown disc one above the fusion and one below. Asked the physician what we were going to do about it. I was told " well according to the guidelines your at 60mme and we're not going up on the medication". Btw I can't do blocks because I'm diabetic. He said " get your A1c under control so we can do blocks". Then grinned and said " I'm not risking my license". I'm done. Don't know what to do. Looking for answers and help. I see the government has all of us by the throat.

      Posted by Melba Marchant on 6/3/2019 7:06 PM

    • Listening to everyone here is like someone has looked into my life. I'm a christian and was raised that it was wrong to wish bad on other people. But I do really, wish that everyone out there that had anything to do with this could walk for just one week in out shoes. Watch how quickly things would change. My life has been ruined. I had big plans for my retirement, and what a joke that is now. The daily pain is so bad a normal day consist of me being up maybe 3 hours, not all at one time, to do something. I wish that everyone that had anything to do with this could have their lives altered in the same way, just for a week. And the depression! No one ever addresses that. Or the inability to sleep thru the night without a sleep aide! Yep. Just one week!

      Posted by Melba Marchant on 6/3/2019 7:20 PM

    • I'm recovering from breast cancer, where the chemo poison almost killed me. Now, I'm suffering from extreme bone, joint, &;muscle pain from the Hormone Suppressant medications. My oncologist told me to take Advil & a little Tylenol. Duh, I had been taking Advil for weeks, & it didn't stop the debilitating agony I was living with day & nite. Tylenol makes me sick due to a bad liver & does not kill pain. I called my oncologist a few days,later demanding pain medication. She said she doesn't like prescribing pain medication-are you kidding me, you are treating cancer patients in severe pain from the cancer or cancer medications-this is the most indane thing I heard from a dictor6, especially an oncologist!!!! She finally prescribed me 7 days of Tramodol-a useless pain medication. She told me my PCP would work me in on her busy schedule for further medication. I've been a patient with my PCP for almost 18 years, & she precribed Norco & Morphine for my severely arthritic bavk & buldging disks. I never abused my medications. I stopped my pain meds about two years ago, because of issues with my liver & it was getting harder to obtain pain meds from my pain management doctor in AZ, then she closed her practice. My AZ PCP, gave me one script of Morphine 10 mgs & said no more due to clinic & CDC new guidlines. I used medical Marijuana to manage my pain or really to not care I was in severe pain. Today my PCP here in CA told me she could only precribe me 3 days of Norco's, & then I woukd have to go to the ER for another prescription. WTH? When did the ER become in charge of pain management? The wait time in the ER is about 3-8 hrs & at a cost of at least $3,000 or more for how many pills-my dr had no answer. I knew she didn't want to treat me in this manner, but she said her hands were tied-BY WHOM? She finally prescribed 120 Codine #3's, & told me she couldn't precribe more in 30 days! The #3s barely touched the pain & aches, pus my back was screaming loudly OUCH! I am dumbfounded, I have cancer & I have to just deal with the pain for the cancer med I have to take for 5 years. I will take my life if I suffer for another 6 months. What's;the point of living if you are controlled by pain, not living. I'm almost 67 & this is the biggest bunch of crap I've heard from two doctors trying to save my life-whatva joke. This falls straight at the feet of the sadistvwho calls himself president. He put his son-in-law Mr. 666, who donnie named as the opioid czar. Little Mr. 666 is the graduate of Little Mary Hellshine medical nursery school, who has No Clue about anything except for being a criminal grifter & complicit in the Saudi reporter, who was about to expose his criminal alignment with the murdering Saudi prince MBS. We need to stand up against the CDC & our government culling the weak, by denying pain meds to chronic pain suffereres. A dear friend of mine died, I think by suicide, after he was cut off from his pain meds after 40 years due an injury he suffered in Viet Nam! Another friend is days away from committing suicide from her pain meds being cut off after 20+ years-she us no longer able to function due to the excruciating pain. I hear her, I'm about there too. Why didn't the drs let me die from.cancer, instead of this slow death from cancer meds. I can't find one dr in the entire SF bat area willing to prescribe pain meds, especially to cancer patients. I don't recognize my country anymore. I'M BEYOND ANGRY!!! WHAT ARE WE SUFFERERS GOING TO DIE-YES JUST LIKE THE CULLING THE WEAK IN THE THIRD REICH! YES WE HAVE AN ORANGE HITLER OCCUPYING THE WH! THIS PAIN MED DENIAL NEEDS TI STOP!

      Posted by Charlene Boland on 6/4/2019 1:41 AM

    • The opioid crisis is really not affected by chronic pain patients who legally and honestly abide by the rules and take the correct dosage they were prescribed. The screaming from politicians and the media fail to actually use any research or statistics in their demands for riding chronic patients the medicines they desperately need. My personally theory is that the government wants patients to just have to suffer or that the entire scheme of things is to take a portion of our population out. And who might those people be......the disabled and elderly. Why should we have to help these folks? We don’t need them anyways so let’s limit or take away the medicine that a lot of thes patients have to have just to get out of bed in the morning. By taking control over and restricting needed medications, they will send these people who truly need legal medication to survive right out to the street. Is our country so blind to not realize that Fentanyl and Heroine are what’s killing the overwhelming majority of these deaths. I don’t know what it is going to take but we have to take a stand at some point. This issue will get worse regardless of what new laws or regulation they pass which affects Dr.’s and patients. Fentanyl is so cheap that the market with help from Government assistance is only going to this “so-called pain med crisis” grow.

      Posted by LA on 6/6/2019 1:56 AM

    • I have been on prescribed morphine sulfate for 16 years due to serious chronic pain I am only one of several family members who have been going through some type of hereditary health issues which causes us to lose use of our legs first then stop breathing only one who has died had an autopsy which was performed and found to be AL'S, all I can really say is any movement had become incredibly painful and the only reason I continue to be able to move at all is the morphine now they are weaning me off of the morphine without anything else to manage the pain already in place I am now down to half the dose I am accustomed to taking and I can hardly move my arms and legs I truly believe that the only reason I continue to live and breathe is the relief from pain the opioid therapy provides, my one cousin that just passed away at 50 had never been on prescription opioids due to having prior illegal drug addiction and she lost her fight within 6 years of the start of obvious symptoms the morphine sulfate has given me an entire new life and now the medical community and government agencies are condemning me to death and I have never done anything to deserve it

      Posted by Susancrum08@gmail.com on 6/6/2019 10:40 AM

    • This whole opioid thing is a travesty of bad judgement. The only people who have been impacted by these guidelines are the chronic pain sufferers. I have herniated bulging discs, spinal stenosis, arthritis, degenerative disc disease. My medication a low dose script of tramadol was added to the narcotic list, not because it was a narcotic or opioid but because of what junkies do with it to make something else to get high. Folks, I am 56 yes old, have worked my entire life, I dont even go to bars. But in order to get the medication that I need, I have to travel to a pair. Mgmt doctor every month. Have a pill count, drug tested several times a year. Cannot pick up medication from the pharmacy until day needed. Now let me tell you what our governor is doing. He is pushing for legalizing marijuana so that Joe Blow down the street can grow it smoke it all for a recreational high. Does anyone else see the stupidity on our government political officials??? Let doctors be doctors and adults be adults.

      Posted by Tina on 6/6/2019 3:51 PM

    • Where is Dr. Kavorkian? Working for the CDC? Maybe he can give us the permanent pain pill, then we won't be in pain any more.

      Posted by Dave on 6/8/2019 1:06 AM

    • I have ankylosing spondylitis. I have been successfully treated with opioids for 15 Years. I have spent 10 years with my current pain mgmt Dr. & I have stayed completely "Stable" on the same regimen of opioid medications & at the same dose for a decade. Now as of my last monthly appt. I am told that due to the new "Standard of Care" I will be "Force Tapered" down by 10 mg each month until I reach the CDC GL's "End All Be All" of opioid dosing at 90 mg MME. When I tried to explain to my Pain Mgmt Dr. That the CDC GL's were meant for Primary Care Physicians he quickly snapped back Do you think because I am a Pain Specialist we are given a special pass & do not have to follow the regulations??? Because we are Not....So basically I'm being Force Tapered & Destabilized off of my medications I have been on for a decade now because My Dr. Is afraid if he doesn't follow the 90 mg MME Opioid CDC LAW...he will be Sanctioned by the boards & put on the radar of the DEA. My Dr. Is an extremely intelligent man. He is an anesthesiologist who holds 3 board Certifications, Decades upon decades of Training & furthering education, he stays up to date on all the latest/greatest pain mgmt treatments & he owns his own practice, surgical center, PT center, and Lab. He also has brought in Psychologists as well now to incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Biofeedback into his practice. If anyone is "qualified" to decide what opioid medications should be given & at what dosages he certainly is. I have tried every non-opioid therapy option that was available prior to going into pain management 10 yrs ago. I did weekly PT for a year with no results, I tried numerous non-opioid combinations of medication & dosages,Tens unit, Massage, Acupuncture, Injections etc...None of it worked to reduce my pain enough to function day to day. It was "Temporary pain relief" at best. I went into pain mgmt & finally found the right combination of meds at the right dose that worked for my body & reduced my pain. I am extremely grateful that I have been able to maintain quality of life which allowed me to remain active in my children's lives & remain a mother to them. I have been able to attend all their school events & sports games. I have been present in their lives & was able to watch them grow up because my pain was being well managed & it allowed me to continue my day to day life uninterrupted. I will always be thankful & extremely grateful for that. I am now extremely angry. I am and have always been 100% compliant with my medications. I have always taken my medications exactly as my Dr. Has prescribed them. I take UAs at Every monthly appt. I use 1 pharmacy per my contract. I have had pill counts, etc...I have jumped through every single hoop asked of me in the last 10 years & the last 2 years in particular there has been a lot of "Hoops" and yet It was all for nothing. I feel betrayed & abandoned by my Dr. With whom I very much trusted. The CDC says no one should need opioid doses over 90 mg MME??? The CDC says any Opioid doses greater than 90 mg MME are dangerous & greatly increase risk of overdose, addiction & death? That taking over 90 mg MME only leads to tolerance & an increase in pain. Then you CDC tell me how it is that I have been able to stay on the Exact Same medications at the Exact same dose for a Decade with NO increase in pain, NO Overdose, NO addiction or drug seeking behavior, NO Side effects, NO issues or problems, and yet my medications still worked at the same dose to control my pain and I am still alive...I guess I have defined all the odds huh? A rare case maybe? Luck? Ya, I dont think so. I think that it's just the simple concept that each & every person is unique. But because of all the rigged studies designed to of course fail opioids as a treatment option for chronic pain at any dose greater than 90 mg MME we are all being conformed to fit in the same box & too bad if the dose is ineffective. Chronic pain patients are paying with their lives whether it be significantly reduced functioning, significant suffering, severe uncontrolled daily pain or Suicide we are all just being seen as the collateral damage that never should have been. This will go down in history as the Greatest Medical Tragedy of our time. An injustice & prohibition on opioids for pain in the modern day healthcare system that caused millions to suffer needlessly, Suicides & death. Started by the Government's war on LEGAL RX opioids & the CDC. I will now join millions of chronic pain patients who have been abandoned by their Dr.s & force tapered off the medication's that I was stable & functioning on with quality of life for no reason other than the CDC GL's & my Dr.s fear of being sanctioned for prescribing at doses greater than 90 mg MME. I would gladly sign a waiver that would release my Dr. From being held accountable from any harm/death at opioid doses greater than 90 mg MME if the option was available..."I would rather maintain quality of life at my current dose than be force tapered to an ineffective dose & have no quality of life." As adults we should all have the right to take responsibility for our own bodies especially when it comes to our healthcare.

      Posted by Anonymous on 6/8/2019 10:36 PM

    • As I lay here in my bed as I mostly do now that my so called pain specialist which I've been seeing for 10 years now, has cut my pain medication, saying the same thing as most of the rest of the people who said they would take care of us. Like everyone on here I too did all the surgeries and physical therapy tried this drug and that drug, signed the contract saying I wouldn't drink, smoke Marijuana but now that I think about it no where did it say that when this pain specialist got scared I would be doomed to live in pain, now worse than when I was started on pain management. I was told how sorry she was, but that she had to think about her family first. I got every excuse she could come up with. So to make herself feel better and get rid of me she appointed someone else to make me an appointment with another doctor 2 hours away, saying they might help me. Sure thing, as soon as they send for my records she will drop me and I won't have any doctor, as I am 63, alone and know I won't be able to drive that far, especially when winter comes, or in pain. I hope all these so called doctors who also got us hooked on these medications (anyone gone through the withdrawal symptoms yet) have left us to a life of hell, or death, or turning to the drugs on the streets which the CDC said they were doing this to fix the illegal drug use. My PS knew I was going to college so I could go back to work as I can't make it on SSD anymore, how the hell can anyone work in this pain? I am going to loose my home she has caused either me to be homeless or dead most likely dead in time. Why live only to be in so much pain you pray that when you do get to sleep that you won't wake up. What's the point, I can't do anything, barely able to enjoy a movie on tv. Why don't they just put us to sleep as we do our pets when they are old and in pain.

      Posted by Coos Bay Oregon on 6/10/2019 10:27 AM

    • for 17 years i have owned and operated a small air conditioning and heating company here in AZ, i began being prescribed pain medication about 8 years ago after a 14’ fall landing flat on my backside and collapsing multiple discs , after PT, injections and oxycodone i was able to continue with my business and life with my family and friends , about 2 years ago my DR had to start reducing my dosage to meet the new CDC so called guidelines, fast forward to today, i had to sell my business, i’ve sold or stopped participating in all activities that i once lived for , my relations with my wife, family and friends have all but diminished , because the most comfortable position for me is lying down or sitting.. i spend a majority of my day sitting in a chair or in bed , my mind wants to go and do but my body cannot do the things i once loved.. i am 40 and cannot imagine living much longer in this way . i have spent an insane amount of money on every OTC comic one can imagine for pain relief , the one thing that works every time has been reduced to such a small amount all i can do now is hardly survive the day .. there are multiple things that bother me with the “opioid crisis” most of which have been mentioned above , however , a few things i haven’t seen, what about all the deaths caused by alcohol and tobacco ? where is the outcry from the CDC there? well, there is very little because the govt collects massive amounts of MONEY in way of taxes from alcohol and tobacco .. follow the money.... look at when medical marijuana and recreational marijuana was being accepted in our country, it’s around the same time the “opioid crisis” started , why?its because the government is collecting an insane amount of tax MONEY by allowing the legalization of marijuana.. if opiate pain medication was taxed at the same or similar rate as tobacco, alcohol or marijuana then there would be no “opioid crisis” . the CDC has ruined the lives of millions because of MONEY.

      Posted by anonymous on 6/11/2019 2:09 PM

    • Dr. walked out because of Hospital. Signs up all over WE DO NOT PRESCRIBE OPIATES. No one will see me. I can't stand this pain any longer. They should have had someone to cover 1 prescription until we could find a new doctor.

      Posted by Kathy on 6/11/2019 3:25 PM

    • I am very lucky. I have chronic migraines and have had them for 10 years. I am on disability because I have a headache 5 out of 7 days of the week. The pain is excruciating! I have had every procedure and taken every medicine known to man to man kind. Anyway, I have the best neurologist around this part of my state. He keep me generously stocked with oxy and stadol. Don’t get me wrong I need and use all of my meds. The thing he does to cover his butt is random drug testing. This makes sure you are taking the drug and not selling it.

      Posted by Dar on 6/12/2019 12:38 AM

    • I am 50 years old and suffer from chronic pain in my lower back. I’ve been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, bulging disk and my sciatic nerve has permanent damage. It’s been going on for over 3 years and no sign of hope. My quality of life has diminished severely. The one thing that helps is norco but my doctor said that since I don’t have cancer and I’m not dying he sees no reason to prescribe them to me. Meanwhile I sit around A LOT because it hurts to much to do about anything. I watch my 70 year old neighbor lady weed and mow her grass and I’m jealous of her, I just sit and cry. What are my options ?

      Posted by Sissy on 6/12/2019 4:53 PM

    • All of this is so sad! I am fortunate that I am not a chronic pain sufferer I can't imagine what life is like for those of you that are. I too have faced the same problems. I've had several surgeries and lots of dental work done and have needed pain meds for all of it. I am not a drug addict, nor am I a drug dealer but my pharmacy and my insurance make me feel like I am! I have put off having more surgeries that I need because I am afraid of the recovery. Physical therapy isn't going to help when the doctors need to cut you open from hip to hip and mess around with your insides. All of this is a tragedy.

      Posted by Kathy Spangler on 6/14/2019 10:09 AM

    • I have most of what everyone has wrote. Its hard to be live our goverment has done this to is. I am I'm bed most of the time also. Due to the severe pain. My house is a mess. Ima 64. My husband is 71. He is also in severe pain. They removed part of his foot Removed the bone. And has cancer. And the hospital gave him asprins for pain. We both have a lot of medical troubls. And where on meds that use to help. Since they changed the law we live in severe pain 7 days a week. 24hrs a day. I think our government wants us to die. Because we are sick and old now. There is no reason our. Government has done this to us. They need to fire all of them They are getting paid 200.000.00 an up a year. And making chronic pain patients kill there self. So many veterans have killed there self due to pain. Some one needs to step in. And change it back. Where doctors can give patients any amount of pain medicatios needed. The doctos went to school for 8 to 10yrs to know what to give there patiens. God please help us all.

      Posted by Jennifer Horn on 6/15/2019 4:51 AM

    • I have been in constant and growing pain for 30 straight years. I have had doctors bend over backwards to help me with the pain. Now all I hear is I can't lose my license. I want to know when the doctors with their million dollar educations will finally stand up for their patients and say "enough is enough. This is my patient and I know what she needs not the government". I had what I considered a normal life for my condition. But since the drug crackdown I and my quality of life has and is dropping faster than I thought it could. If you want us to die give us the kit. Because I'm tired of the pain. Tired of the excuses. I matter too.

      Posted by D. Sluss on 6/15/2019 6:39 PM

    • That looks really good in the press but we all know that this is not true. I have seen stage 4 cancer people trying to pick up their meds, only top have the Pharmacy halt everything. Each step of the way is allowed to stop everything and only when it flows smoothly does it work. It rarely flows smoothly. You have the doctor, who may leave his office 4 hours later on a weekend vacation, the nurse that isn't up to speed, the pharmacy that has new policies, the Pharmacy Manager overseeing everyone, the person filling the script, and, finally, the person that works the counter. Each of those have been told to err on the side of safety so, if they choose to hold things up, policy backs them up. The policy is that it is more important to prevent an addict from getting their pills, then it is for a patient horribly suffering and given medications to help with that, from getting theirs. The addict wins.

      Posted by Jon on 6/16/2019 5:32 AM

    • My sister is a 2 time cancer patient, with ulcers that burn constantly. He doctors in MS at the cancer center and clinics REFUSE to give her pain meds. Their SOP IS not limited to the CDC guidelines, but they have ADDED Meds to the Guidelines and are practicing ZERO pain management. Do not want to refer to Chronic Pain Mgt. Either. My sister has talked to me about suicide... and her NP CANCER CENTER and me. I’m support her decisions this had been going on 4 + years. I was on Demerol 50 mg 1-2 q 6 hours PRN. Cut off completely Demerol, Soma, Xanax in Jan 2019. No taper. Cut off. On for decades. Never ODed, Poisoned by Meds, or irresponsible.

      Posted by Donna on 6/16/2019 10:50 AM

    • I have been prescribed some form of pain therapy, non-opioid, opioid, and opioid tolerant medications, for about 20 years for my multiple diagnoses. I have had the best pain relief and quality of life, these past 10 years, with minimal side effects. Beginning January 1, 2019 I have, without warning, been forced, with no recourse, to wean from Fentanyl 50mcg/48 hrs, and Oxycodone 10mg 6 max per day. My pain management clinic ended the forced weaning, by notifying my pharmacy that they will no longer be prescribing any medications for me after June, 2019. I have never, ever, violated my pain management contract or had a bad urinalysis. I believe I have been dumped. My primary care physician has said he cannot continue being my primary care physician as I am a chronic pain patient, so I believe he to has dumped me. I did get a referal from pain management and a subsequent appointment with an internist who stated I'm her first long term opioid therapy (ltot) patient and that she can prescribe me anything, except that which worked for the past 10 years, no opioid pain relief. She stated that the medical community had done me a disservice by prescribing me opioids in the first place.Then she instructed me to go back to pain management as she was told, by pain management, that I would be successfully weaned from my pain relief medications and would not be a problem for her by ever needing them again. Since January, my pain has severely increased, I have not eaten, slept, bathed, been able to care for my self or my family, etc. I have been bedridden, in excruciating pain, and I've had continuous, what I believe to be physical dependence withdrawal symptoms, since weaning commenced. I wasn't told much of anything by the pain management clinic staff as to when the forced weaning would commence, and what I could expect as far as how the forced weaning may effect me, other than, I may feel a little bad, for a few days to two weeks and then I would acclimate and be over it. I contacted pain management and they haven't returned my telephone calls yet. Im not holding my breath. I have also contacted my health insurance and the pharmacy as I have also had problems with both regarding my medications. I am extremely fearful of being labeled a drug addict and/or seeker if I try and tell anyone that the forced weaning has not worked and that Im still in more pain than ever and need the only medications that ever truly provided relief and some quality of life. I have refused four emergency room visits since January, 2019. One for small bowel obstruction and three for the excruciating pain because of this fear of labeling. I am trying to be proactive regarding my health but all of my research has just been so hopeless. Because from what I can ascertain the only recourse for the millions of chronic pain patients on LTOT like me is suicide or illicit drugs. And that really terrifies me. I do not want either of those choices. Help me please. Are the medications that worked, in my case, truly outlawed? And why? In conclusion I'd like to say that in all of my years in chronic pain the first 20+ years were used searching for something that would work, starting with all of the non medicinal avenues from; excercise, diet, accupuncture, meditation, hot-cold, biofeedback, etc.. to OTC's, to non-opioid prescription (Vioxx, tramadol, muscle relaxants, etc) remedies prior to ever being prescribed my firstTylenol #3, qid. prescription over 25 years ago. Throughout all of the years of trial and error my Dr and I discovered the two medications that worked the very best for me were and continue to be Fentanyl and Oxycodone. And I would still consider these medications far safer for me than the 20 Tylenol 500mg I'm now forced to take everyday to try and alleviate my pain symptoms. Why cant I and my Dr. decide what is best for my body. The forced weaning off the Fentanyl and Oxycodone has had a traumatic impact on my household in that my Son in high school has had to drop out to try and care for me. My Husband and I are being forced to access foster care for the two Grandsons we have custody of. My family cannot care for ne long term however and nursing home or something is going to have to be looked into.

      Posted by Rinissa on 6/16/2019 11:11 AM

    • Drug Dealer here I come !

      Posted by Cpt. Jack on 6/18/2019 11:59 AM

    • I was refused anything over 90mme in opiod medication this morning!!! Citing CDC guidelines and DEA office policy will not allow him to prescribe what has been working on me for the last 2 years. He said CDC and State of NC were sending letters of reprimand to this pain management Dr for prescribing over the suggested limit! He has letters going against his record now! The government is lying about what their intentions are. This is what they want. Because people who can not control their addictions are dying and the rest of us now get to suffer. It's not right forcing me to have to have injections, spend money on rehabilitation services, acupuncture, swimming, all kinds of treatments, including surgery that I can't afford that increase the expenses on medicare spending. Bullshit. I've tried Tramadol, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, low does opiod therapy, neurological drugs, antidepressants, injections, physical therapy. I have a chronic illness that has no cure or treatment that treats the pain it causes. Finally after 18 years of hurting, drs got me to a dose that works, now they want to put me on Suboxone, I'm not an addict. Meds were working. My blood tests come back normal for liver and hepatic levels. Screw them all!!!! Life sucks!!!! I don't want to have to live in pain, but I have no choice and neither do my doctors.

      Posted by Grace Ward on 6/18/2019 4:58 PM

    • I am 36 year old happily married mother currently in heart failure as a result of my pain doctor reducing my medications multiple times by as much as 75% at a time causing multiple heart attacks which damaged 1/3 of my heart with scarring and ischemia. The doctor was very strongly warned about this very thing happening by my cardiologist and when he realized that he had literally broken my heart, he refused to see me anymore and blamed me with no actual reasoning. I’ve never had any addiction or dependence issues, never refused or failed a drug test, never even filled a prescription early but I understood that the doctor wanted to lower my dosing and was compliant while asking for it to be done in a safe way even if I had to have an appointment weekly while it was done. The pain doctor had no concern for my health at all. My long time cardiologist took imaging just prior to the reductions and just after the reductions showing the damage. I’ve also had cardiac catheterization completed showing no other damage or defects are present in my heart. I am currently receiving the government recommended amount of medication from my primary care physician even though all of my doctors agree that my heart is continually being damaged by the physical stress of uncontrolled pain and that I will die from heart failure if things do not change. I am very ill most of the time and do not leave my home very often but I am able to act normal and do most things normally when I do take enough medication to function but I cannot do it more than a couple times a month, for a few hours and I pay for it for weeks following making it very difficult for me to fight for myself, defend myself at all against these wrongs and has made even finding someone to help me quite a challenge. I’ve searched and called several attorneys and organizations but they all refuse to help. They are only interested in finding more drug addicts to help their lawsuit against the very drug manufacturers creating the medication needed to save my life. There has to be someone that can help us. I see others just like me needlessly dying everyday. They have been murdered at the hands of their doctors and these ignorantly instituted regulations. I’m hoping to not go down like that but I’m running out of time. Please help in anyway you can. Thank you.

      Posted by Melissa on 6/19/2019 5:04 PM

    • Okay. So the common denominators and sources (whether or not Correlation ≈ Causation exists) are: "Addicts", "The Government", President Trump and his Administration, the CDC, DEA, FDA and all Bureaus/Dept./Task Forces/etc., Medical Societies, Peer-reviewed Journals and everyone else this the other "Esteemed Medical Societies" tell you to blame. They serve as the ONLY and Primary Sources, maybe some TV News Talk Shows, as your Sources. It's a Demographic we use and target on Political Campaigns: The Emotional Base! Logic and Critical Thinking don't apply. Venting and placing blame suffices. Whilst not belittling ANY condition, I'm familiar with caring for someone who has severe illnesses and living with chronic pain, just as helped care for my late-father before he passed. I'm not going to engage in a proverbial pissing contest listing my illnesses, but I'm quite familiar as well. My late-father was a surgeon (Chief of Staff & Surgery; private practice for years, before leaving as Corporate Entities began taking over hospitals and medicine. He saw this coming and bounced, a common trend, taking the Chair/Head of his Specialty at the VA, Walter Reed, apart of the US Military Diplomacy and Soft Power initiatives post-Soviet Collapse (helping smaller States improve medical infrastructure), he retired from the US Army, Full Bird, starting as Captain, USAF and transferring to Army as 82nd Airborne and 3rd-SFG(A) only to re-up (in his late-60s) and help establish the Green Zone Medical Facilities in Afghanistan as TFC and w\ 44rh Airborne Medical Unit. Gulf War I he was LTC and Command of POW Health, returning during OIF and another Tour to both Sandboxes. He was an Adjunct Professor at Duke University and Associated Professor UNC-CH, Published and Consultant. He was a Duly Elected Public Servant longer than I've been alive and served on my Great State's Medical Board (Longest Serving Member in the Board's history) I mention this and the following for ONE REASON: Legitimacy I'm not pulling this info out of my arse. I've zero need & receive notting by acting like a braggadocious jackarse. Listen to me: I DO NOT care about your opinion about me; however, unlike many Groups and even some people out there, I'll state my Sources and reason behind knowing SOPs etc. Personally, I planned to follow my Grandfather, Uncles and Father into Medicine, went Pre-Med 2-yrs at Uni before switching to Double Majors, including Political Science, IR/IA Policy, Diplomacy and Administration, plus another Major and two Minors. I also took max Courses (outside of my Semester Credit Hours/N/A towards either, in Sociology/Social Psych. and Psychology/Abnormal Psych. I'm a nerd and original goal was private practice Psychiatry & as a consultant in R&D Psychopharmacology. I earned a one-year Internship and participated in clinical interviews, initial & ED I take, medication treatment plans and adjustments, all under the watch of Licensed MDs. My pointe: These people are blagging you. The PH3 Group was created for ONE purpose: Respond to CDC Guidelines {Opioid and Opiate Prescribing Practices and Primary Care Providers {PCPs} this is the audiences with whom the Guidelines were made. This "Call to Action" PH3 did not exist prior, they never directly attacked the CDC (smart as, they would of received a #LifeLesson) and although calling into question many stated guidelines, specific reasons as to why, examples why Data, metrics etc. were wrong NEVER appear and not a single counter, be it an idea or a full plan of action, never materialised. But so many equivalent "Emotional Base Voters" reacted as expected. The CDC clarified and PH3 Claimed a victory! 😂 The CDC clarified via the NEJM. Look at the Groups opposed. The names and Acronyms are slightly different than the older established Societies. They are Lobbyists. I can tell you who and how much in Campaign Donations came from each, I've the file types! (I'm not, bc it took a lot of research and unless you've retained my arse, I don't do this shite for free, esp. people so blinded by rage the blame who they're instructed to. Everyone blames Government, but No One blames State Legislations. Governors. Municipal Laws. No one bothers voting in Off-Year Elections, even General Elections, so if this describes you, your blame government argument is void. Next: No one chooses to become an Addict, to Misuse and Abuse Substances, develop Tolerance (as do all mammals, from Sprague-Daley Rats to Humans) Physiological and Psychological Dependence. It. Happens. It's called Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis. Oh, and Fentanyl as well as Analogues, ARE ALL Manmade! They're Fully Synthetic Opioid Narcotics {only Opiate Narcotics exist naturally, the rest we developed} and yes, China is an issue with counterfeit medications {ever heard of China White as a Diacetylmorphine or Diamorphine: Heroin!} it's not new. Cutting Heroin with Fentanyl or an analogue doesn't make it less "real" as one poster stated, maybe dude who reminded us his age and 90MME 3 times. I get it. There's a serious problem and Ppl need help. Scapegoating does nothing, okay. In fact, the group "working so hard to represent" you"" and" fighting HP3" is made up of people 99% would punch if you saw, them in Real Life. One example: Purdue Frederick Pharmaceutical, those who kinda started this bc MS Contin went off patent and introduced OxyContin as a money source. What was their contribution to treating the Opioid Epidemic? "Blame, demonise, place focus on Drug Addicts. Make them appear as Criminals and bear the blame for everything." The Sanger Family Member, representing the Company during this "Advisory Meeting" offered the aforementioned as a Plan of Action. This is VILE. And you're being played by everyone of them. Addiction is not a choice, any more than natural tolerance is a choice. The more divided we are, the easier it is to ignore us. VOTE! 138 Days all States hold Local and State, some have Special Elections and three hold Gubernatorial Races. Learn about EACH Contest, don't depend on the Party, make decisions that will HELP. Don't blame others. Who the Hell are you to cast judgement? I've stacks of info re Fibromyalgia and CFS. Fancy me lighting these subjects as, Psycho-Somatic? #EndStigma PS: If you're going to try and impress others: Learn how to spell brand and generic drugs, learn appropriate Latin Initials and ensure said writing is accepted and recommended by AMA and APA. I can be an arse, all Politicos have this gift. Following bollocks and blaming those whom suffer, is wrong, and as, no one will stand up for them, I will. And I look forward to this kinda shite every morning. Grow the F Up

      Posted by Simon D. Williamson on 6/20/2019 1:33 PM

    • I am in ai much pain and cant take acetamenaphin because of my liver and I retain water so bad I cant take advil or aleve. They have started lowering my meds and I went from getting around to pretty much bed ridden and that's not sleeping. I sit on the bed at night and wonder if I ought to just end the lain or keep struggling and I see no end in sight. I'm not a drug addict I had pill counts and was urine tested all the time. Marijuana makes me sick and I cant function being high all day. I'm 52 years old and I think lawsuits need to start flowing in because Dr's took a oath when they got their license to practice and it's not happening. Dont know how much longer I'll last but I pray someday this will be addressed for the people that have a file with 1500 plus pages to show pain is intolerable and ignored. God bless and good luck to everyone.

      Posted by Johnny Sisk on 6/20/2019 4:18 PM

    • The "Opiod Crisis" is a Golden Goose to elements of our Healthcare System, as well as another Whack-a-Mole for Politicians. Nothing will change until Legislators are made to feel pain of their own making. Whatever its aim, Suicide targets only the innocent.

      Posted by Jim on 6/20/2019 4:59 PM

    • If you happen to end up with or get shoved down your throat a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness, you will learn well the evil side of humanity. I have learned it well for 39.5 years, I turly believe some of these so called people are NOT at all human, but are actually demonic demons in disguise. Their image, and actions, are trully cruel & evil. They even lie just as the fallen angels do (just as they LIE negatively on purpose about Opiate/Opioid Medicine to do their dirty evil cruel deed) . You can't even talk to these demonic beings, they are stubbornly touched with a psychotic arogance that is offensive to the max. Yeah go figure- and unfortunately as I said, it is a fact in this once upon a time UNITED STATES COUNTRY!!! Run by worse than commies, yes and the demonic ones I mentioned who want us to suffer slowly and die a slow agonizing death, though they also will love it to death if we commit suicide (NOT talking about President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, but the rest of them oh yeah!).

      Posted by Richard Paradise on 6/20/2019 7:45 PM

    • The fact they The Government put Percocet Vicodin in the same classification as heroin just shows really how truly stupid they are first they take away the Oxycontin that led 2 the biggest overdose epidemic ever now that they have taken half of what people had left you know what the outcome will be and for that I say God help us all because our government sure the he'll doesn't even have common sense

      Posted by Ron Steffen on 6/21/2019 6:48 PM

    • CAN WE PLEASE GET TOGETHER AND SIGN A PETITION?? PLS CONTACT ME @ryebox00@gmail.com pls. lets work together to get this fixed. also does anyone know if there is a list of opoid pain management doctors? thanks...ava

      Posted by ava on 6/24/2019 9:36 AM

    • It's been said over and over...and over! The cdc and the guidelines regarding opiate prescribing have made it impossible for those who really suffer from chronic pain daily to find any relief at all. I mean... I'd LOVE to see some of these lawmakers spend every day struggling to get through all the pain that I've had to thanks to MS, arthritis in both hands, knees, ankles and feet, bulging and compressed back discs, sciatica and whatever MS decides to through at me each day. I've been with my pc dr. for almost 2 years...after talking to me and reviewing my medical history she asked what have I been doing for pain. I told her my previous pc had given me tramadol 3 times a day. She asked if that was helping and I said somedays I might have an hour or two with a little relief but that I couldn't count on it. She immediately suggested we switch it to Norco... said she could see by my face that tramadol wasn't cutting it. So she put me on 5mg Norco 4 times a day. For a year that worked wonders. I could do chores, go to the store, make dinner...take a shower!!! Early on in the 2nd year the pain increased...suddenly and with a bang! MRI showed a bulging disk and 2 compressed ones in my back...great just what I needed. Every dealt with sciatica??? Holy HELL! Especially on top of everything else! So talked to the doc and went over options. She upped the Norco to 10mg 5x's a day and I went in for an epidural...didn't help. Waited 4 weeks went in for a 2nd epidural. Still nothing. During that time my feet and ankles swelled horrendously! More tests...discovered the arthritis is now in my feet and ankles...well yay. A week later at my regular monthly appointment she sat down and told me that a local dr. Had gotten in trouble and was now being investigated regarding his opiate scripts. She then tells me everyone is cutting down on or eliminating prescriptions altogether. She will no longer prescribe the Norco for me. After a long discussion with "other options" she explains to me that suboxone, while mainly known to help withdrawal, ALSO helps with chronic pain! So I agreed to try it...worked excellent for withdrawal...didn't even BEGIN to helpwith pain. Would've had the same relief with a Flintstone vitamin. Then I thought I'd try a reputable (and expensive) CBD oil...again nothing. So now here I am...fighting MS, arthritis in both knees, feet, ankles and hands...bulging and compressed disks in my back...and NO WHERE TO GO FOR HELP!!! RESULTS: I'm in pain all day everyday. Struggle to shower, can't stand or walk for more than 5 minutes, can't drive, can't take care of my family, can't sleep, can't work (after a year and a half waiting finally have my ssdi hearing in Sept.) ...hurts to stand up and to sit down. I'm in tears all day, everyday. How is that fair to me??? To my family??? They have to go everywhere without me because I can't even handle getting in and out of the car. So thank you... I'm so glad so much effort has gone into saving the lives of those who abuse. In the meantime I'll just sit here, in tears, wondering why MY life isn't worth saving.

      Posted by Tonya Darrah on 6/25/2019 12:02 AM

    • My story as well as multiple friends and family’s stories related to the DEA grouping all pain patients as abusers regardless of how many humiliating urine tests and monthly visits just to find out the DEA is so hard on all mds prescribing opioids have now chosen to get out of pain management out of fear that they could lose thier medical license. Instead they are now pushing extremely expensive as well as temporary pain relief. The steroids they use for these surgical procedures are also not good on the body on a regular bases. My moms dog walking buddy had major back issues, past surgeries and accidents that an appropriate opiate dosage was at allowing him to get out of bed daily, make is own meals and participate in light activities that made his life worth living. By 2019 when all of the new opioid restrictions were in effect, his pain md , like the large percentage of pain mds not only afraid to continue to prescribe in the allowed lower doses, but even today are being threatened and harassed by the DEA. This poor man got a dose not even enough to allow him to get out of bed each day, but after 3 months he committed suicide due to the inability to tolerate the horrible amount of pain he was having each day. I am an RN of 25 years , so I could meet writing similar stories of the multiple poeple that contact me each day feeling helpless because they are not being heard. The news NEVER would dare share this side of the opioid crisis and how it’s effecting the population that actual has a medical history, tests and has tried other ways to relief the acute, continuous pain. Even the pharmacist will question a couple I know that go to the pharmacy each month and are in there late 70’s to pick up there new decreased non effective doses while be questioned by the pharmacist like they are drug dealers living on the street. It’s obvious this has to do with politics, even the announced new death because of the horrible opioid crisis, are most of the time based on an overdose of non prescribed meds to the person or a combination of a lethal cocktail of opioid mixed with alcohol and other non prescribed drugs. I still am waiting for the media to do a story based on people not able live there life because of the intense pain that debilitates them now that they can no longer get the right effective dosage or can no longer even find a doctor anymore that will take them as new patients in fear of losing their license. And maybe I’m wrong but I have looked every on the internet to vocalize our concerns as well as tragedies involving patients no longer living life and instead just trying to get through one more painful day that even your physician doesn’t care about anymore, and tragically suicides related to this is happening more frequently each day. It was nice be able finally vent on a very hard to find web page to find. Does anyone know who we can write to or email or web post that will show the other side of what all of these new rules are doing to innocent people that did not ask to be in pain, are retired and just trying to enjoy their golden years with pain relief and of course the majority of all patients seeking care from a pain management clinic are not only more then happy to oblige by all of the new rules as if they were the ones who were not taking the medications correctly. Please notify the public or at least this sight if you have any suggestions on how these poor patients can be heard:)

      Posted by Nicki on 6/25/2019 4:54 AM

    • I have severe scoliosis been on high dose of Oxycontin and my family doctor retired.I am going through what the 74 yr old grandfather went through.I have bone grinding in four disc in my back and have slept in a chair for 17 yrs because I can not lay down.I can not believe the doctors in today world.They are all about money wanting to do the same thing I have tried before just to run the bill up.The family doctors in my area will no longer write pain meds due to the CDC guidelines they come out with I hope they are satisfied as they watch people suffering with chronic pain until the can no longer stand it and kill themself.That number will pass the overdose rate death this yr.

      Posted by darrell milgrim on 6/26/2019 10:53 AM

    • I was injured approximately 8 years ago and have been in pain ever since. I was declared disabled by the government. After being prescribed many different types of medication, they finally prescribed a combination of medication that enabled me to live my life in an almost ordinary fashion. Yes, my medication was above the recommended dosage by the CDC. I have gone through MRIs, CAT scans, x-rays, Physical Therapy, epidurals, and even had a trial pulse generator installed. Now that the opioid crisis is in full blown mode, they have reduced my medications by 2/3. I am living in pain approximately 18-24 hours a day, I wake up in the middle of the night, and it affects every aspect of my life. I can no longer perform daily chores, cooking for pleasure, and other things that I took for granted. It seems as though my current doctor is focused on services that bring in more money than just writing a prescription for my pain. I don’t know if he is scared to write the medications or if he is greedy by ordering medical services that Will not help me, and also bring him more money. He is not empathetic to my pain, and one time he even told me, “at least nobody dies from pain.” That just shows that he does not live with pain on a daily basis and does not know the effect of pain. Not only does it take a toll on you physically, but mentally and emotionally. I have taken my medicine exactly how prescribed for the entire eight years and not had any problems. I understand that there is a opioid problem, but for people like myself and others who need the medication it is a travesty of justice. I am at the end of my rope and I do not know where to turn.

      Posted by William Smith on 6/26/2019 4:41 PM

    • I read the heartbreaking stories of our chronic pain community and i wonder what has happened to our country. What caused the CDC to ignore so many millions of us who took our pills, had them counted every month, never abused anything, and always followed our doctor’s orders? I’ve suffered with chronic pain for fifteen years from a disastrous spinal surgery that was controlled by opiates which gave me enough relief to live an almost normal life. We all know there is no cure for chronic pain...that it will always be there, but we should be spared the horrible life described through these brave people’s letters above- some of us worse off than others, but all of us suffering. We must fight this trend in every way we can-through letters, through rallies-through any way we can to stop the brutality of the CDC, politicians, doctors whose fear outweighs their common sense, and pharmacists who act like Gods.

      Posted by Betty on 6/26/2019 6:27 PM

    • My heart breaks for each and everyone of you. I am also a chronic pain patient. For starters, I decided to put my full name. Thanks to all of you I don't feel alone or embarrassed anymore! I am angry. We begin to feel we have the problems. We are the abusers. You have all covered the major points and problems. I am so sorry to the family that lost their grandfather to suicide. That is unacceptable. I have had six back surgeries placing rods from S1 to C2 over a 12 yr period due to progressive scoliosis, degenerative disc disease and more. I have fusions all over my back rendering me unable to turn my head or waist. Last surgery I had to have 28 screws replaced, rods and more fusions. Titanium is not supposed to break! As with many of you the list goes on and on. I was on oxycontin and oxycodone. My dr. and I slowly cut my meds by 30% and where planning to cut back to some point. My primary care was being investigated by Medicare/Medicaid for his prescribing practices. I had been with my doctor for over 10 yrs. and he did treat chronic pain patients. He followed all the rules, drug tested, provided letters of medical necessity etc. Long story short, he has been cut off by Medicare/Medicaid, refusing to pay for patient care or fill the drs. prescriptions. Then all other insurance co. including mine followed suit!! No explanations. My dr. had not lost his license. He is being forced to close his practice and retire early, all because he cared about his patients. I saw my new dr. last Friday and he refused to give me pain meds. Then he saw my back. He still cut me by 75%. I cannot get out of bed. We have to be able to do something. This is inhumane! A class action suit may be the way to go. One problem is we are all in such pain how can we fight?

      Posted by Terri Trapasso on 7/2/2019 5:01 PM

    • After reading every single one of these heart wrenching comments there is little anyone might add other than it is extremely obvious that a great disservice/crime/overreach is occurring within all levels of our governments. For any government anywhere to continue to just sit back and allow such blatant inhumanity, and widespread violations of basic human rights to continue, or to occur in the first place clearly indicates that the U.S. needs a total purge of every politician currently in office. For a government whose primary duty is to represent the will of its citizens, the United States of America has become a total and abysmal failure. The citizens of this country aren't funding the government to knowingly impose inhumane torture upon millions of its own people. The level of corruption in this country has reached the point where the pleas of millions of truly suffering and completely innocent people STILL receive NO response by every level of government, we need to purge the country of such corruption and replace the government with one that responds to its citizens. This is truly reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Thousands of people have essentially been murdered and millions of others are needlessly suffering solely due to the widely proven misdirected actions of our incompetent government. This government provoked genocide must be stopped as soon as possible, and it must be stopped by any means possible!

      Posted by Stuart on 7/11/2019 10:08 PM

    • I first would like to point out, Trump isn't the one who sent the DEA roughly after doctors and pain practitioners. It was the Obama administration, Obama appointed Jeff Sessions who thought everybody should be fine on Aleve. I've followed this for years and that's what went on. Trump isn't making it better by pushing the whole opioid narrative. You need to write the president, CDC, senate, lawyers, everybody in DC. Did anybody just see the Coast Guard secure a submarine that had thousands of pounds of cocain? Yeah, most of this can be tracked to a specific area in Mexico where opium cultivation is occurring and flooding the U.S market. My health policy class even shows that illegal fetnyl from China and opium from Mexico is flooding out prescription medications. I've had just about everything under the sun from surgery, biofeedback, physical therapy and none have worked. I'm a disabled veteran, was hurt in the Army fighting for this country and it's peoples rights. However, I lost my right to pain management... This government is a joke and the DEA needs to be abolish with their failed war on drugs. The DEA is bought, why are their agents always being caught smuggling cocaine? The Cartels work in the DEA, when I lobbied our leader of the organization was threatened by a Cartel when she called the DEA. IDC if somebody doesn't believe that story, but it's a fact. If the government is going to step up to the plate and fix this, then wait until the people take it to the streets. I'm telling you, it's already happening. The government is becoming overbearing they think they can control us and sh*t all over our Constitutional rights. Senator Lamar Alexander in TN is the only Senator that I have heard speak about Chronic Pain Patients and our treatment. Maybe we need to contact him and see who we should be throwing stones at.

      Posted by Kurt on 7/12/2019 3:23 PM

    • I have been embarrassed, humiliated and treated as a drug addict. I have been made to feel ashamed because I hurt. I get this from my personal physician who stopped prescribing pain medications 5 years ago, my two surgeons who have both operated on my neck and back, plus now from a Spine and Pain physician. The last visit I asked for an early refill because we were going on vacation for two weeks and I was directly accused of misusing meds even as I offered to show the Doctor my airline and cruise bookings on my phone. The doc is trying to fire me in order not to have to prescribe my meds which he told me four years ago that in my shape I would need the meds the rest of my life. This is so unfair! Is there any legal action that chronic sufferers could take to make what is left of our lives less miserable and less painful and less shameful?

      Posted by Willene Jones on 7/15/2019 4:55 PM

    • As a gentle reminder, per APTA's Terms and Conditions on commenting on the APTA.org website, comments containing profanity will not be posted. "Do not post anything that is knowingly false, defamatory, profane, vulgar, obscene, threatening, abusive, hateful, bigoted, racially offensive, pornographic, embarrassing or that has any potential to cause any harm or damage to anyone as determined by APTA in its sole discretion." http://www.apta.org/TermsConditions/

      Posted by Kelly Gardner -> ?IX^<G on 8/6/2019 6:49 AM

    • I have had back problems for 20 years,I’ve had herniated disc in my lower lumbar, thoracic and cervical. I broke my back in three places in 2007, in those many years I have had to take Opioids, But not continuously as my pain levels go up and down with different activities. Sometimes just waking up and getting out of bed is so painful I dropped to my knees. I haven’t had too many problems in the past getting a prescription, up until this last three months. I work with this pain continuously as the opiates have helped me get through some of the most terrible pain either at work or at home. In the last three months I haven’t been able to make it to work now, and my employer has now laid me off. I’ve gone to my doctor for a check up here in the last three months and we have talked about all the other medications that I was on but she wouldn’t acknowledge anything about opiates. So I had to bring it up to her and she was very uncomfortable about talking about it . She also said that she would not be prescribing me anymore but wouldn’t tell me why. I’m very frustrated with these new laws, I feel that the doctors have got their hands tied and that they can’t practice their oath they took to help their patients because the government and the laws have now dictated how they can practice medicine, and the rest of us suffer.

      Posted by Todd on 8/6/2019 12:45 PM

    • This is much more of a national emergency than some stupid drug attic’s killing themselves in Congress does absolutely nothing

      Posted by kris c. quistgard on 8/7/2019 9:45 PM

    • Hey guys, I am in the same boat, so frustrated and pretty much stay in my room away from family, don't have friends anymore. I do get out a couple times a month to support my Drs income and come right back home broken, beaten down and treated like a heroin dealer. Man these are some sad stories but what can be done? I cannot convince one person now a days (the Dr). I'm not new at this, I got hurt at age 32 and now I'm 53 years old, these last 3 years have been #### but before the new law I was responsible enough to handle my medication. Kinda dumb huh, I pray that somewhere out there is a person with enough back bone to think of people in our condition. God bless you all

      Posted by Carl Hyatt on 8/8/2019 3:33 PM

    • Congress over the last five years has increased the funding for (Winning the War on Drugs) the OPIOD Wars, combating the Opiate Crisis which has created a fictional crisis that does not exist. So today, at my 90 day doctor visit, I am told by my doctor that an anti seizure medication that I have been taking for 30 years has the potential for abuse and drug overdose death. Being curious I looked it up and oddly found only anecdotal information regarding large doses of two medications might, (could possibly) (may be an issue) when combined with other drugs and or illegal drugs such as IV drug users, however there was no clinical information and there was no counter indication listed simply because the doses of medications would require a large amount to create the fear that the doctor quoted. Fear... You see this doctor had moved beyond treating a patient and into the area of (What IF) what if suddenly a patient became dependant on medication and then decided to become an IV drug user? Now this is not anything near a violation of state or federal laws, the prescription is 5mg per day of hydrocodone. 30 pills per month. Today my doctor of 10 years tells me that I need to go to a (methadone clinic) ( I feel sure that my mouth was hanging open) I listened in disbelief as this man tells me that I need to go to drug rehab... I take a medication that reduces seizures primarily at night and at times a 5mg tablet of norco or hydrocodone, I can find no valid clinical evidence that a .025 mg prescription for klonopin and a 5mg prescription for hydrocodone, administered at different times, could possibly impair the respirator system in any meaningful way. . . Nothing, there was some evidence that much larger doses of such medication in combination with other medications might create a risk. . . however the prescriptions had to be far in excess of the very limited amount I was taking... However this doctor insists that this is a problem that needs to be "treated as a drug addiction" with methadone? I think we are in a great deal of trouble when once again we find ourselves in the land of "prohibition" a place where any amount of opioid prescriptions are now indications that the patient is seeking drugs... What about people who shoot this stuff into their veins? Are those not the people that have the greatest problems? We are becoming a nation of stupid people...

      Posted by Thomas on 8/8/2019 4:23 PM

    • I've had more than 5 surgeries since a car accident that happen 10 years ago. Broke both hips now have artificial left hip, knees, R-femur, pelvic, Back with compression fraction of T-10, 12 ribs and puntured lung. Now CDC the only thing that give me any quality of life are opiates which have been around for over 100 years and now your going to start making laws to lower mine & millions quality of life and for what people who want to abuse them, when they will just find something else to abuse. My DOCTOR should be able to prescribe me what he wants without anyone telling him/her other wise. Their the the ones who went to school for years and now I got pharmacist acting Doctors they also should shut up and fill WHAT MY DOCTORS PRESCRIBED! THE CDC AND GOVERNMENT NEED TO STAY OUT OF ME & MY DOCTORS BUSINESS!

      Posted by Greg J Kallmeyer on 8/9/2019 2:07 AM

    • This is a healthcare crisis of the most major proportions this country has ever seen. The government has Md's running scared, threatened they will lose their license because they are "first doing no harm"and being humane! This has only to do with ONE thing, MONEY. The government is an entity that does not care about people in pain. What a plan! This country pays 6 billion per year on pain management. These "cheap" older drugs, i.e., hydrocodone, oxycodone and even the benzo's are making them $0 profit, so what's the next best plan, make up some crap that there is a opioid crisis. There is really a pain management CRISIS! They won't stop, they do not care if you or I commit suicide. Remove the medications that work, we can't survive the pain, we jump off a bridge and the CDC will say "See they were addicts". By having people in pain kill themselves, they save billions! Most people in pain are on SS disability and Medicare, if we all jump off the nearest bridge, they again SAVE big money in social security and medicare claims. This is inhumane and pure torture. I have a disease that cause nerve pain throughout my body head to toe, bone pain, muscle pain and pure sickness from all the torturous pain. The best pain management Md's are running scared, this government has them and us right where they want the doctors and the patients ...well, too damn bad, suffer, better yet die so they save money. God I pray for help now! Doctor's must collectively stand up to this and say "no we will treat our patients as we see fit, not as the government sees fit". Also, pain patients must be heard on the news, on every social media website and never stop. The news everyday with it's fake opioid crisis has NOTHING to do with people in pain, jumping through hoops of blood tests, urine tests and more, to PROVE we aren't drug addicts and still they will take it away. Mentioning pain medicines has become a cuss word and you are instantly deemed a drug addict. This has to stop, God, this has to stop.

      Posted by Dana on 8/9/2019 7:04 AM

    • My biggest thing is everyone acts like those of us on pain management haven’t gone through years and years of alternate treatments prior to opiate therapy. I personally have been through physical and occupational therapy multiple times. Tried all the arthritis meds like Vioxx etc before even considering pain management now it’s like you are telling me to do it all over again. Come on!! This is pure torture from my own government. THANKS!!

      Posted by M wilson on 8/9/2019 7:00 PM

    • Hello, I have seen an orthopedic surgeon for literally 7 years and he has a terrible bedside manner but would treat my chronic back pain with Norco 5 mg and Ultram 50 mg. I still exhibit pain and it is getting worse. Today he stopped writing for each and said The Federal Gov't only wants him to prescribe opiates to terminal and end of life patients. I understand the scope of that, but my physician lied to me in the face. Am I not worthy of pain treatment? I pay cash for visits and I'm here in Louisiana. I've seen him go 7 years and I'm not going back. I can see why the opiod epidemic started. Drs FAILED us and pain is pain. Most people had to get it wherever they could. I want to sue him for malpractice. This is not right. I'm not an addict, I follow the directions, yet my Dr is simply being an ass, pardon my language but I'm in pain and mad as many of us are. Take care

      Posted by Phillip Dauzat on 9/16/2019 11:10 PM

    • Just like the rest of the posts . I went from a RN to a disabled full time.e patient. 30 yrs of constant pain, just had my 30th surgery .I don't count procedures in that number. While I don't have anything killing me, I just filed all the paperwork to make myself a DNR at 60 yrs old. Why, because as so many have explained above, I had a great life babysitting my grandchildren , socializing with friends, volunteering at church. Then my Dr took me off 80% of pain medication , this resulted into me becoming a shut in at 55, I only had enough relief to get out of bed and do the bare minimum. I only left the house when I had to , Dr, food store and church. It wasn't worth the pain to socialize, just getting dressed to go out was to much. So now being a Catholic, my bags are packed and I'm ready to go. I find it facinating that Pro abortion fight for the right to allow a woman to kill a baby up till 40 weeks because it's her body. Why can't I sign a release to hold no one liable for me taking opiates. Then the govener of Mass, Governor Baker , does typical knee jerk reaction to teens having lung issues from vaping. He shuts all vaping stores in the state down, makes it illegal to purchase vaping supplies online and have them mailed to you. In June 2020 hrs putting a 75% excise tax on vape supplies, his reasoning " to make it harder for teens to buy them" well if the store owners ID them , there wouldn't be a problem, did he think about all the adults who quit smoking by going to vaping which is 95% safer. I bought my first pack of cigarettes in 7 yrs. Teens are supposed to drink either but you didn't see him closing liquor stores and starting a statewide prohibition of alcohol. Noooo, because politicians and lawmakers like there alcoholic drinks, they don't vape so what do they care. Governor Baker is doing this to save teens who shouldn't be allowed to vape by law anyways. BUT GET THIS!! In Massachusetts there putting through the ROE ACT. Which is a 3 part bill 1# Abortion on demand up to due date, regardless of the pain it causes the baby. 2# All women and girls no longer need parental notification, I was a L&D nurse, I had a 10 yr old in having a baby, our government feels a little girl having a secret abortion is safer the her vaping REALLY. Regardless of pro or against, post abortion The incident of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, suicide, depression,prosecumuity , all increase in women, now think about alittle preteen who has to live with the fact she killed a baby , and if she has any complications, will she get help or be afraid to tell anyone. If I can kill a baby because it's my body why is pain management and vaping all in the hands of the government. I don't know about you but at 60 I can make my own decisions. The government always has a knee jerk reaction to everything. Then if your dying, have Alzheimer's, severe mental illness you can get a prescription from your Dr to swallow 100 pills to kill yourself!!!!! So I can't have pain relief because addicts on the street are overdosing but depending on your diagnosis you can kill yourself . Adults in Massachusetts can buy vape supplies because teens are getting it illegally and we will increase tax to 75% and force adults to pay more just because we can!!! I don't have a gun but maybe that's the answer, wonder why people go nuts and start shooting. Trump isn't at fault for this opiate regulations, that's CDC, FDA , democrats and researchers. How much is alcohol related medical conditions costing in life's and taxes????? I know that alcohol related conditions, deaths from DUIs, and car accidents caused by alcohol far outweigh deaths from prescription opiates for long term pain patients but they don't care about the facts because it's about money , otherwise alcohol overdoses would have started another prohibition. We need to sue our government for causing undue pain and suffering unneedlessly , without proper research into what areas of the opiate epidemic is leading to death .We don't have a democracy, we have no rights, when the governor can take away your rights to vape, smoke, drink or medicate for pain. By the way , for decades post op pain medication has always been ordered the same way by surgeon's. 1-2 pills every 4-6 hours for pain PRN. Well in Massachusetts the government has changed Medicaids coverage. Medicaid will not cover more then 6 pills a day for pain after your surgery . It doesn't matter what the Dr orders, they will not pay for it. The problem, the government didn't tell the doctors they have to change the way they write prescriptions in the future. God bless to all those fellow sufferers, we need to start support groups for long term chronic pain suffers , we need to unite in order to fight for change, 1000's can change the course of elections, do you want a nannystate, or a mommy to make all your decisions, or do you want New Hampshire's motto " Live free or die" God Bless Lynne from Boston

      Posted by Lynne on 3/8/2020 7:06 PM

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