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  • UnitedHealthcare to Expand Program Waiving Copays, Deductibles for Physical Therapy for LBP

    Momentum around better insurer coverage of physical therapy continues to build at UnitedHealthcare (UHC), which announced that it's moving ahead to expand a pilot project that waives copays and deductibles for 3 physical therapy sessions for patients with new-onset low back pain (LBP). The pilot follows a multiyear collaboration between APTA, OptumLabs®, and UHC.

    The program is targeted at UHC enrollees in employer-sponsored plans who experience new-onset LBP and seek care from an outpatient in-network provider. The program fully covers up to 3 visits to a physical therapist (PT) or chiropractor in addition to visits normally covered. When the program was rolled out in June, it was limited to plans sponsored by employers of more than 50 employees in Florida, George, Connecticut, North Carolina, and New York. The expanded pilot, which begins January 1, 2020, will extend to self-funded plans with 2 to 50 employees in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

    APTA has been working with UHC and OptumLabs to investigate both the efficacy of physical therapy as a first treatment option for LBP and the effects insurer payment policies have on patient access to more conservative approaches to the condition. Those efforts yielded 3 research articles: a study affirming that higher copays and payer restrictions steer patients away from conservative LBP treatments; an analysis that found lower odds of early and long-term opioid use among patients who see a PT first for LBP; and an investigation that linked unrestricted direct access to a PT for LBP to lower health care utilization and costs than would occur with provisional access to physical therapy. APTA cosponsored all 3 studies.

    "The evidence supporting the use of physical therapy as a first-line, widely accessible treatment for low back pain continues to grow, and insurers like UnitedHealthcare are paying attention and moving from analysis into action," said Carmen Elliott, APTA's vice president of payment and practice management. "APTA's collaboration with UHC and Optum has helped UHC establish some on-the-ground changes that we hope will pave the way for a true sea change in the way insurers think about the value of physical therapy."


    • Dear UHC Finally, there is one insurance that is trying to view the patient's care and at the same time to save money for themselves. It is the right direction and should expand into other diagnosis and pathologies. Congratulations for being first innovative Insurance trying to easy burden on difficult issues with insurances companies. Thank you Dr.Peter Kluba PT

      Posted by Dr.Peter Kluba PT on 11/5/2019 8:13 AM

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