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  • Coronavirus Update: April 8, 2020

    Expanded APTA resources on patient management, weekly CDC COVID-19 summaries, and an adjusted coronavirus model.

    Practice Guidance

    April 8: APTA Updates COVID-19 Resources on PT Management of Patients
    APTA has expanded a webpage featuring questions, answers, and links to resources that can help guide PTs and PTAs in exercising their professional judgment on how best — or whether to — provide services to patients while avoiding the spread of infection from anyone suspected of having or diagnosed with COVID-19. The page covers topics including when a patient should be told to cancel a planned PT visit, preparation of clinical space and operations, and how to make decisions about a facility closing, with resources that now include CMS guidance specifically related to outpatient settings. Other areas covered include PPE, suggestions for encouraging patients to stay active while sheltering in place, and potential unemployment benefits.

    From CDC

    April 8: CDC Launches Weekly Summary of COVID-19 Activity
    Titled "COVIDView," the weekly posting tracks testing, outpatient and ED visits, symptom reporting, mortality, and more.

    In the Media

    April 8: Adjusted Coronavirus Model Decreases Prediction of Deaths to 82k by August
    From CNN: “An influential model tracking the coronavirus pandemic in the United States now predicts that fewer people will die and fewer hospital beds will be needed compared to its estimates from last week. As of Monday [April 6], the model predicted the virus will kill 81,766 people in the United States over the next four months, with just under 141,000 hospital beds being needed. That's about 12,000 fewer deaths -- and 121,000 fewer hospital beds -- than the model estimated on Thursday [April 2]."

    Visit APTA's Coronavirus webpage for more information and updates.


    • That "influential model tracking the coronavirus" is from IHME, (Institute for Health Metrics and Evualation) Who are they? IHME is a group of students at the University of Washington who put numbers into a computer program that they created, and then they keep manipulating those numbers so their computer can show them different expectations. That is waht they did to come up with 200,000 deaths. So April 8, IHME REVISED their predictions from 200,000 dead by the second week of April, revised all the way down to 60,000 dead by August. Isn't 60,000 the same number of people who die yearly from pneumonia and the flu? The IHME is responsible for creating this fear. The IHME is responsible for causing the shut down of so many jobs.Every person in the IHME should be arrested and be resigning from their position in the IHME. It was a group of University students who are responsible for the chaos in America.

      Posted by Mary Morgan on 4/9/2020 10:31 PM

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