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  • New APTA Resource on Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Available Online

    New FAQs developed by APTA, in cooperation with the Section on Women’s Health, explain the physical therapist's role in managing patients with pelvic floor dysfunction, describe various treatment methods, and outline the procedure codes used when reporting these services. The document also provides examples of the elements that should be included in visits and encounters for pelvic floor dysfunction. 


    • FYI, After one of my workshops on the sacroiliac joint, one of the participants who taught incontinence training in Hong Kong, told me that after full correction of SIJ dysfunction, many of her patients no longer needed the training. More information on my website at www.thelowback.com, How it works, why it hurts and how to fix it.

      Posted by Richard L. DonTigny, PT on 10/21/2011 2:19 PM

    • Is fecal incontinence, SUI,and UI getting denied as medical dx for others?

      Posted by jennifer knight on 10/21/2011 2:39 PM

    • I am searching for a therapist in my area that is qualified in both internal and external therapy for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. I am located in Wilmington, Delaware. Near Christiana Hospital. Can you recommend any qualified therapists'?

      Posted by Patty Weyl on 1/3/2014 8:23 AM

    • I am searching for a pelvic floor therapist in Minnesota that is specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction in men utilizing internal and external trigger point therapy. Can you recommend and qualified therapists?

      Posted by Susan Burggraf on 11/6/2014 3:01 PM

    • Hi. I would like to get certified in pelvic floor rehab. But, I'm not finding good resources like a certified PT to work under. Do you have any ideas? Im a PTA.

      Posted by Brandi Frazier on 2/23/2015 6:02 PM

    • Brandi, where are you located?

      Posted by Bonnie Cardenas on 3/14/2015 1:44 AM

    • I would like to locate a PT for pelvic floor treatment to help with motility problems/rectal & intestinal. area code 02026

      Posted by Andrea Muraida on 5/15/2015 9:23 PM

    • Hi, i'd like to find a pelvic floor therapist in the New Haven CT area, thank you

      Posted by Pam O'Neil on 10/28/2015 7:15 PM

    • I am looking for a pelvic floor therapist in Albuquerque, Santa Fe or Northern New Mexico.

      Posted by Paula Schuster on 11/18/2015 2:23 PM

    • I am interested in taking the Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Level 1 in order to work in an upcoming program which is establishing at the new VA Medical Center. I reside in Orlando, FL, will any courses be provided in this area in the next couple of months? Niurka PTA

      Posted by Niurka Maria Canetti on 3/14/2016 3:11 PM

    • Hi, I am looking for a pelvic floor therapist in the Madison Ct area or New Haven, Ct. if need be. Desperate! Thank you.

      Posted by Jen on 4/5/2016 11:30 AM

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