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  • APTA Offers a New Resource for Runners

    Looking for a consumer resource for National Physical Therapy Month (NPTM)? Check out APTA's new running e-book, The Physical Therapist's Guide to Healthy Running, with tips for preventing injury and improving performance. The e-book will be featured at APTA's Move Forward booth (#134/141) at the Marine Corps Marathon Health and Fitness Expo, October 27-29, in Washington, DC. Send a digital photo and a brief description of your NPTM celebrations to public-relations@apta.org.


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      Posted by Michelle Munster on 10/29/2011 11:11 AM

    • This is a great resource! Our clinic was wondering if we could use this as a brochure. Our concern is that its a bit long to use in tri-fold brochure style and would like to put our logo on it. Would that be OK? Who should I talk to about this? Thanks!

      Posted by Peter Schrey on 11/1/2011 1:05 AM

    • Hi Peter. Thank you for your kind feedback. You can contact me with any questions about the brochure. Emilio J. Rouco Director, public relations APTA 703-706-3393 public-relations@apta.org

      Posted by Emilio J Rouco on 11/1/2011 8:20 AM

    • Hi, Thank you for your work on this piece. Only one comment. In the "sole purpose" section you mentioned that proper running form can be acheived with a conventional running shoe. You failed to note that conventional running shoes have a 'ramp' on them due to the addition of a cushioned heel which "may" promote overstriding and subsequent difficulty landing under body. I personally had difficulty trying to get better running form when using traditional shoes. Just a thought. Also, while you promote proper running form you don't describe it thoroughly. Maybe include upright posture, not crossing midline with arms, not reaching forward with arms, elbow bend, etc which do not have anything to do with the foot landing but can help create an efficient runner.

      Posted by Dave Abbett on 11/4/2011 10:01 AM

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