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  • New Staff Structure to Help Position APTA for the Future

    In order to best position APTA to take advantage of opportunities and address the challenges of today's health care environment, a new staff structure has been announced that will take effect January 1, 2012. The new structure is designed to ensure APTA is properly aligned to achieve its goals by providing for more efficiency, enhancing role clarity, building more trust across the association and making the association more effective.

    "There have been significant changes in our association, in the physical therapy profession and in the external world over the last few years," said APTA Chief Executive Officer John D. Barnes. "Our new organizational structure will allow APTA to better meet the needs of our members and the physical therapy profession – now and in the future."

    The new structure organizes staff into 6 units, each containing several departments responsible for various functions of the association.

    A new Public Policy and Professional Affairs Unit will be responsible for advancing physical therapy practice and the delivery of care, APTA's research agenda, APTA's advocacy efforts, and the association's work to secure fair payment for physical therapists. Bringing these critical areas together into 1 unit will lead to a more effective and efficient ability to meet the challenging goals APTA has established for the policy, practice, and research issues facing the physical therapy profession.

    A new Education Unit also has been created. This unit will be responsible for academic and clinical education, academic program services, accreditation, and residency/fellowship credentialing and specialist certification.

    The Member Relations Unit will continue to be responsible for conducting APTA's national conferences and meetings, providing services to members, recruiting and retaining members, and advancing minority and women’s initiatives. In addition, it will now include the professional development department, which provides continuing education offerings for members.

    The Communications Unit will be responsible for informing APTA members about association and professional issues through a variety of print and online communications vehicles, including PT in Motion, Physical Therapy, PT in Motion: News Now, PTNow, and the Web site. It is also responsible for graphic design, marketing APTA's products and services, promoting physical therapy to the public and the media, and providing information resources to staff and members.

    A new Governance and Administration Unit will be responsible for managing APTA's volunteer resources and governance structure, as well as ensuring the association has the human and staff resources it needs to be successful. This unit will be responsible for APTA's relationship with and services to chapters and sections, as well as human resources, information technology, and PTA services.

    A new Finance and Business Unit will administer the finances and manage the facilities of APTA and be responsible for pursuing new business opportunities for the association. This new unit will manage APTA's contracts with other organizations, chapters, and sections, as well as affinity programs, ad sales, the job bank, and other programs. The unit also will coordinate the association management services for components.

    In the coming weeks, APTA will be providing additional information about this new organizational structure.


    • It seems a bit premature to reorganize the staff before the Governance Review process has been completed.

      Posted by Carol Counts Likens on 10/10/2011 2:46 PM

    • Now that everyone has a new name, are the responsibilities to the members different?

      Posted by Carolyn Bloom on 10/29/2011 2:49 AM

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