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  • Super Committee Fails; APTA Advocacy Efforts Turn to Year-End Medicare Package to Address SGR, Therapy Cap

    With the failure of the Super Committee to produce a deficit reduction package, sequestration will trigger cuts across all federal departments, including Medicare and other health programs, in January 2013. While congressional authorizing language protects Medicaid from cuts, 2% in savings will come from reductions in provider payments under Medicare. 

    APTA viewed a Super Committee package as a possible vehicle for resolution to the therapy caps. In the absence of a package, the association's efforts now turn to the more traditional method of extending the therapy cap exceptions process. APTA anticipates that the congressional health writing committees now will begin to craft a year-end Medicare package that will address both the expiring sustainable growth rate (SGR) and Medicare extenders provisions, including the therapy cap exceptions process. 

    Given a large portfolio of unfinished congressional business, it is imperative for APTA members to advocate for an exceptions process extension prior to the December 31 deadline. APTA will soon call on its grassroots network to help lead the way in this effort. If you're not a member of PTeam, sign up today to receive action alerts on this and other federal legislative issues. PTeam members also receive a quarterly newsletter on legislative activity on Capitol Hill.

    In the coming months, APTA also will monitor efforts to prevent sequestration from being implemented in 2013. In the wake of the Super Committee announcement, calls for congressional action to prevent sequestration from occurring have been heard on Capitol Hill. APTA will continue to analyze these proposals and advocate for the profession as this process moves forward.

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