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  • New JOSPT Feature Translates Research into Practical Information for Patients

    The Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy (JOSPT) recently launched Perspectives for Patients, a single-page feature that offers clinicians and patients a credible source of new information derived from a published article and explains how it affects patient care. Perspectives for Patients is written for the lay person, and consists of 3 main sections—a summary of the pathology or health care condition addressed in the research, new insights from the published study, and practical advice the patient can use—accompanied by illustrations.

    Published after the article to which it relates, the page can be reproduced noncommercially for dis­tribution at physical therapists' offices, in clinics and hospitals, and in other health care facilities. The material also is available at no charge on JOSPT's Web site in a new Perspective for Patients section of the site. A PDF of the feature can be download­ed and printed and shared with colleagues and patients.

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