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  • Marketing to Health Care Consumers: Develop a Plan

    Once you have completed an analysis of your target audiences, your practice, the marketplace, your competitors, and your promotional tools, formulate a written marketing plan that sets simple, realistic goals and describes strategies and an action plan. APTA offers a sample plan that is specific to marketing to other health care professionals (page 4) that may be helpful to review. Identify your measures for success and follow up throughout the year to ensure that you remain on track. Evaluate and revise your plan annually. A strong marketing plan not only keeps you from being "reactive" to the marketplace, it will help you reach your goal of building and growing a successful practice.

    To review the various steps in defining your practice, conducting a competitor analysis, targeting audiences, and developing a unique selling proposition, go to APTA's Marketing to Consumers toolkit. For more information on living the brand, go to www.apta.org/brandbeat.

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