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  • New Quality Strategy Aims for Better Care, Improved Health, and Reduced Costs

    The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) today released the National Strategy for Quality Improvement in Health Care (National Quality Strategy) to create national aims and priorities to guide local, state, and national efforts to improve the quality of health care in the United States.

    The National Quality Strategy will promote high-quality health care that is focused on the needs of patients, families, and communities while reducing administrative burdens for providers and helping them collaborate to improve care. The strategy presents 3 aims for the health care system: better care; healthy people in communities, and affordable care. To help achieve these aims, the strategy also establishes 6 priorities to help focus efforts by public and private partners. The priorities include promoting the most effective prevention and treatment practices for the leading causes of mortality, starting with cardiovascular disease, and working with communities to promote wide use of best practices to enable healthy living.

    According to HHS, the strategy was developed through both evidence-based results of the latest research and a collaborative transparent process that included input from a wide range of stakeholders across the health care system, including federal and state agencies, local communities, provider organizations, clinicians, patients, businesses, employers, and payers.

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