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  • Pulmonary Pathology Pocket Guide Now Available

    A new pocket guide offers APTA members evidence-based guidance on physical fitness for patients with pulmonary pathology. The guide provides a description of pulmonary pathology, lists risk factors, and describes signs and symptoms of pulmonary pathology. Details on exercise testing and activity/exercise prescription for this patient population are available, including dosage for aerobic training, strength training, and muscle endurance. The guidance also contains a chart of prescription and over-the-counter medications that affect responses to exercise or physical activity.

    To download this new resource, created by the Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Section and Section on Geriatrics in partnership with APTA, go to www.apta.org/PFSP and scroll down to Pocket Guide: Physical Fitness for Individuals With Pulmonary Pathology (.pdf). 

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