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  • Comprehensive Plan Encourages Diverse Scientific Investigations

    Evaluating promising strategies for obesity prevention and treatment in real-world settings and diverse populations is 1 of several research opportunities outlined in the National Institutes of Health's (NIH) new strategic plan for obesity research. 

    Released last week, the plan will serve as a guide to accelerate a broad spectrum of research toward developing new and more effective approaches to address the burden of obesity. Other major themes of research include designing and testing new interventions for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and harnessing technology and tools to advance obesity research and improve health care delivery. Clinicians can download a full version of the plan; a non-technical summary is available for other audiences.  

    The Strategic Plan for NIH Obesity Research was developed by the NIH Obesity Research Task Force with input from researchers external to the NIH, professional and other health-focused organizations, and others through a public comment period. Research challenges and opportunities identified at meetings and workshops also helped shape the plan, and will continue to inform NIH research planning.

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