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  • Most Americans Support Patient-centered Care Systems, Says Survey

    More than 7 of 10 adults think the US health care system needs to be fundamentally changed or completely rebuilt, according to a Commonwealth Fund survey released today that reveals strong support for more patient-centered care systems and innovative use of teams and information systems.

    The new survey found that a large majority of US adults (71%) have concerns about gaining access to needed health care, including the inability to get timely appointments or advice from their physician on the phone or to obtain after-hours care without going to the emergency department. Nearly half (47%) experienced poorly coordinated care, and more than half reported wasteful (54%) care.

    "A Call for Change: The Commonwealth Fund 2011 Survey of Public Views of The US Health System" also reports that at least 85% of adults support policies that would make care better coordinated and would provide more transparent information about health care costs and quality. Respondents voiced strong support for medical homes and a team approach to care, with 93% saying it was important or very important to have one place or physician responsible for primary care and coordinating care, and 86% of people supporting physicians and nurses working in teams or groups with an expanded role for nurses.

    A large majority (88%) thought it was important or very important for physicians to use electronic medical records, and 92% thought it was important or very important for physicians to be able to share information electronically with other physicians.


    • Absolutely correct. The "health care system" is a joke, and anybody spouting on about "socialised medicine" and it's supposed shortfalls, needs to look at why the US pays twice as much as any other Western Country, with poorer societal and health outcomes, than any Western country. Greed people, pure and simple greed, nothing to do with quality. Compare US to Australian costs and outcomes, or Canadian or German or French. Drop the cliches about waiting lists and government bureaucrats controlling healthcare. Heard of insurance company profiteers doing far worse than this?? These are patent cliche ridden, political furphies with no substance at all. BTW, having used electronic versus paper records, I see absolutely no benefit in electronic record keeping at all, except for companies charging for overpriced, underperforming, reductionist programs that spit out unusable prompts which don't apply to real patients. Raise taxes,pay for healthcare and cut military spending by half. Still have a huge war machine to play gunslinger with, but also reduce the deficit, and take care of the populace ! That should make the country a much happier and healthier place.

      Posted by Kevin Mulvey PT RN on 4/7/2011 2:55 PM

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