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  • PTs Recognized in Pennsylvania Resolution on Women's Health

    On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives unanimously adopted HR 277, recognizing the role of physical therapists in promoting the health of women. The Pennsylvania Chapter, with help from the Section on Women's Health, assisted in drafting the resolution, which was introduced by Rep Chelsa Wagner in conjunction with National Women's Health Week

    "We're pleased that Rep Wagner spearheaded this effort and that the members of the House of Representatives acknowledged the physical therapist's role in women's health care," said Ivan J. Mulligan, PT, DSC, SCS, chapter president. I would like to thank her and her staff for reaching out to the Pennsylvania Chapter and the Section on Women's Health to assist her on this important issue. We look forward to continuing to educate the Commonwealth's residents about the benefits that the physical therapy profession can offer in regard to women's health care."

    "After my own pregnancy, I was fortunate to have been able to take part in a physical therapy regimen which allowed me to recover from childbirth and return to my normal activities more quickly," Wagner said. "In my discussions with other women, I have found that the benefits of physical therapy after childbirth are not widely known. Through this resolution, I hope to call increased attention to the benefits of physical therapy for women. My own experience has shown me that such treatment may be of benefit to many other women."


    • I am thrilled and inspired that the education has been taken to PA's government. I have found more misinformation and misunderstanding of what women's health options are not only in meeting other mothers but just in being a woman. When Dr. Oz answered a question on Oprah that incontinence is 'normal' without offering PT as a treatment option, I was beside myself. Women with pelvic pain are examined and told that they 'look normal' and there is nothing to offer them. Not only do women need to know that there can and IS better for them, the healthcare system needs to be educated about Women's health physical therapy. Since becoming pregnant with my first child, I have encountered such a huge need for guidance, reassurance, and intervention. There is to be a women's health conference in Princeton on June 1st and I wonder if the APTA could be represented there?

      Posted by Carrie Patterson Besler on 5/15/2011 4:37 PM

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