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  • Move Forward Ads Hit the Airwaves

    Move Forward ads began running on select channels on XM satellite radio last week and will continue to run throughout this week. The 30-second spots highlight the fact that a physical therapist can help to alleviate pain and restore and improve mobility, and encourage consumers to visit www.moveforwardpt.com to find a PT. The ads, which are running in various time slots on the Sirius XNM Stars, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Oprah Radio, and Martha Stewart Living Radio channels, also will run the weeks beginning October 3 and October 10. Channels were chosen for ability to reach baby boomers, the key target market for APTA's branding campaign. Click on the following links to listen to ad 1 and ad 2


    • I've now heard these ads twice on Sirius Stars (Note - it's Sirius XM, not Sirius XNM). They should also put them on Howard Stern, Faction, or even OutQ channels as those have the highest listener base of all the Satellite channels. I'm sure some people are afraid to run ads on these channels because they can be risque but they also reach the highest number of listeners. I'm so glad APTA is finally able to begin advertising nationally with something meaningful and getting some true brand recognition. "Move Forward" might be a nice motto, but the majority of people still don't know much about PT and frequently confuse us with Personal Trainers, Chiros or ATC's since many of their services overlap. They need to know that we're the experts in musculoskeletal issues (and what qualifies as such!) so we can really begin to be thought of as front-line, primary practitioners. If this continues, we may even become practitioners that people will consider paying for privately! Until the public has a clearly defined idea of how we can help them, we'll never reach that level.

      Posted by Robert Kelley -> >IUaCL on 5/20/2011 3:04 PM

    • I couldn't agree more regarding the need for heightened brand recognition. I just read an article in our regional newspaper in which a massage therapist advertises that she provides services including: pain manganese and therapy for everything from sports injuries and total joint replacements, to chronic headaches, arthritis and work related injuries. Many people have no idea that this person may likely not have a fraction of the education of a physical therapist. Yet, they may go to her and, on top of that, happily pay for her services out of pocket. Why is this happening? In the state of Connecticut a person is only required 500 hours of training in order to obtain license eligibility as a massage therapist. Our profession needs to focus on educating the public about our knowledge and skill level as well as about our updated 7 year DPT education base. PT's in private practice are on our way to becoming highly educated professionals with high practice overheads and fixed to lowering incomes based on third party reimbursements, while cash based services such as massage therapy appear to be growing and thriving with a fraction of the headaches.

      Posted by Benee Dahl-Busby, PT, DPT on 5/21/2011 5:23 PM

    • We are working on a radio ad campaign in our local area. As an APTA member may I have (and use) the text of the XM ads?

      Posted by Bruce Hitchens on 5/31/2011 1:58 PM

    • APTA will shortly be making the text of our radio commercials available to members. The scripts will be slightly modified to allow you to customize them with your practice name and either your telephone number or Web site address. Information will be posted here when available: http://www.apta.org/PRMarketing/Consumers/

      Posted by News Now Staff on 6/1/2011 9:32 AM

    • Hi,i was wondering if you offer certified review course for pta.. NEED HELP ASAP... Please

      Posted by Pearl collins on 10/31/2013 8:21 PM

    • It would be a great idea, even though it takes up a bit more time, to always say "Physical Therapist" or "Physical Therapy" instead of shortening it to PT. There is too much confusion in light of the fact that the personal trainers have taken on those acronyms, to their benefit, of course. I listened to a Move Forward radio show today on chronic pain and I heard "PT" this and "PT" that......It seems like a small thing, but it really is huge; and so simple to do.

      Posted by bdonovan on 9/5/2015 1:14 PM

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