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  • Assistive Technology: Meeting the Needs of Patients and Clients

    APTA supports the provision of assistive technology that is appropriately suited to the patient's/client's needs, which may include complex rehabilitation technology and related clinical services for people with disabilities, said the House of Delegates in passing a motion that demonstrates APTA's commitment to patient/client-centered care and reducing barriers that limit access to new technologies. Additionally, the motion calls for physical therapists to be recognized and appropriately paid for furnishing services related to complex rehabilitation.
    [RC 23-11] 


    • Totally agree with this. If we can support our patients with research based treatment using assitive technology it should get covered by insurance. Clinicians developing assistive technology require support of the APTA to bring innovation to the field.

      Posted by Cynthia Gibson-Horn on 6/18/2011 8:57 AM

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