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  • House Amends Positions on Student Supervision and Disclosure of Benefits

    In addition to taking up new positions and policies, the House of Delegates last week amended 2 APTA positions to more accurately reflect the association's stance on supervision of students and transparent disclosure of physical therapy benefits by insurance providers.

    • Supervision of Student Physical Therapist Assistants (HOD P06-00-19-31) was amended to allow physical therapist assistant students to be supervised by a physical therapist assistant who is working under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist, thereby providing more clinical education opportunities for physical therapist assistants. [RC 14A-11] 
    • Transparent Disclosure of Physical Therapy Benefits by Health Insurance Companies (HOD P06-08-13-17) was retitled and amended to strengthen APTA's position by supporting legislation or regulation ensuring that consumers have access to physical therapy benefits through their health insurer and receive complete information about their physical therapy benefits. As amended the position supports change in federal and state legislation that would limit the patient co-pay and require payers to develop and use consistent and patient-friendly language. [RC 15-11] 


    • This is very good news for the ACCEs in the PTA schools who are struggling to find clinical slot. This should help reduce the competition for clinical slots. This will also help develop a career ladder for the PTA as clinical instructor. I am very thankful to the HOD for making this RC a reality. Thanks, MYZ

      Posted by Martha Y. Zimmerman, PT, MA on 6/17/2011 11:58 PM

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