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  • Joint Commission Accepting Applications for PCMHs for Accredited Facilities

    Applications are being accepted from Joint Commission-accredited ambulatory care organizations that are ready to be surveyed for the new Primary Care Medical Home (PCMH) option, which will be available in July.

    The PCMH option focuses on how effectively the primary care clinician and the interdisciplinary team work in partnership with the patient. Another goal of this accreditation option is to support the continuity of care and the provision of comprehensive, coordinated, and patient-centered care. The PCMH ambulatory care accreditation standards are posted on the Joint Commission Web site.  

    A PCMH is a model of care in which services are provided to patients by a primary care clinician and an interdisciplinary team. Patients benefit from this model because they have increased access to the services of the clinician and interdisciplinary team. Care provided by other clinicians and facilities is tracked and coordinated, and evidence-based treatment protocols guide their care. This care model also focuses more on education and self-management of the patient. According to the Joint Commission, the PCMH option will help accredited organizations ensure their patients receive timely and appropriate treatment, increase patient satisfaction, improve patient outcomes, and reduce overall costs to the health care system.

    This accreditation option complements the Ambulatory Care Accreditation Program and is consistent with the federal reform efforts to improve health outcomes and the coordination, quality, and efficiency of health care services. It is designed to combine the improvements in quality of care and patient safety achieved through accreditation with the opportunity for increased reimbursement from third-party payers when the additional requirements of a PCMH are met and the designation is awarded.

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