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  • APTA Supports Wellness and Prevention Initiative

    "APTA stands ready to help Americans live longer and more healthful lives through partnerships at the patient, community, and national level," the association says in a recent statement of support for the National Prevention and Health Promotion Strategy and its call for public and private partners to increase the number of Americans who are healthy at every stage of life.

    Created by the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council in consultation with the public and an advisory group of outside experts, the strategy recognizes that good health comes not just from receiving quality medical care but from stopping disease before it starts—with clean air and water, safe outdoor spaces for physical activity, safe worksites, healthy foods, and violence-free environments. 

    "Improving the nation's health through a national strategy on prevention and health promotion will take an integrated, multidisciplinary, and community-based approach," APTA says. "Physical therapists will play a critical role as members of health care teams, community leaders, and experts in improving and restoring motion in people of all ages and abilities."

    Click here to read the statement in its entirety.


    • I am thrilled to see that physical therapy is taking action to include prevention and forsee how we can be active in wellness. I am also a health coach, and it has made tremendous impacts on people healing, when we learn to ask questions about what people are eating, how they are sleeping, stress in their lives, etc. I strongly recommend it! How often do we ask our patients if they even can picture themselves being well? Simple questions can be very powerful.

      Posted by Deanna Mandichak on 7/24/2011 3:06 PM

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