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  • 2012 Medicare Fee Schedule Highlights Now Available

    A summary developed by APTA highlights provisions of the proposed 2012 Medicare physician fee schedule rule that will affect physical therapist practices. Included in the summary is an explanation of the SGR update, which is projected to be -29.5%, and other changes that will influence payment. Also addressed are initiatives to identify and review potentially misvalued CPT codes, updates to the Geographic Practice Cost Indices, and proposed changes to the Physician Quality Reporting System. In addition, the summary outlines modifications to the "3-day window" policy as it relates to bundling of payments for services provided to outpatients who are later admitted as inpatients.

    APTA will submit comments by the August 30 deadline on behalf of members in response to this rule. After reviewing public comments, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will publish a final rule by November 1, which will become effective for services furnished during calendar year 2012.

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