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  • CARF Webinar Focuses on Neuroethical Ideas and Client-centered Relationships

    A Webinar scheduled September 13, 1:30 pm-3 pm Eastern Time, will examine 7 contemporary neuroethical ideas and how they contribute to the adequacy of interpersonal relations, especially as those relations revolve around rapport building, professional integrity, and ethical decision making.

    The presenter will discuss how the brain’s evolution causes humans to be naturally self-regarding in instances of threat or risk and how that evolved propensity might compromise relationships when the professional’s sense of self is challenged. The presentation will end by listing strategies whereby defensive or self-protective tendencies can be replaced by empathic ones that especially preserve the integrity of professional-client relationships.

    By the end of this presentation, listeners should be able to explain how a particular kind of "narcissism" explains the brain’s evolution (ie, its development and self-organization), discuss the role of feelings and emotions in belief formation and ethical decision making, and describe how empathy can be a valuable, rapport-building tool in maintaining client-centered relationships.

    Click here to learn more and register for the event. This educational offering is available through CARF International

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