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  • Call for Participants: PTs Needed for Pain PLUS Study

    Researchers from McMaster University are seeking physical therapist participants for an 18-month study on Pain PLUS, a new free information service for evidence-based pain management. The purpose of this study is to compare 2 different methods of sharing pain research evidence, as well as the knowledge and decisions made by 4 different types of professionals—physicians, nurses, rehabilitation professionals, and psychologists—involved in pain management. One method of sharing will be sending e-mail alerts. The other method will be providing Web-based resources. All participants will have access to both services for 9 months each.

    For more information on Pain PLUS and how you can participate in this study, contact Margaret Lomotan at lomotam@mcmaster.ca or 905/525-9140, ext 27328, or visit http://plus.mcmaster.ca/PainPLUS/.


    • would like more information on this study and it's requirements

      Posted by Jennifer D Lazaro on 8/15/2011 4:54 PM

    • I am interested in finding out more information on this program

      Posted by Laura Jaweed on 8/16/2011 10:11 AM

    • I would like to have information on this, it is of great interest to me.Thank You.

      Posted by Ellen Mead on 8/20/2011 12:17 AM

    • need more information and its requirements just like others who are interested and may participate.

      Posted by Agnes Vigilia-Maraya on 8/20/2011 9:14 AM

    • Please note that APTA is not involved with the study and cannot provide additional information about requirements. Interested PTs should request information through the contact listed in the article -- Margaret Lomotan, lomotam@mcmaster.ca or 905/525-9140, ext 27328 -- or visit http://plus.mcmaster.ca/PainPLUS/.

      Posted by News Now on 8/22/2011 10:33 AM

    • can PTs from outside US participate?

      Posted by Fatimah on 8/24/2011 10:09 PM

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