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  • Proposed Rule Requires Insurers to Provide Consumers Understandable Summaries and Glossary of Terms

    On Wednesday, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Department of Labor (DOL), and the Department of the Treasury issued a proposed rule requiring health insurers and group plans to provide consumers an understandable Summary of Benefits and Coverage and a uniform glossary of terms that are used commonly in the health insurance industry, such as "deductible" and "co-pay." This information must be provided upon consumer request or before an individual purchases coverage. If the Summary of Benefits and Coverage and the Uniform Glossary proposed rule become final, the effective date by which this information must be provided is March 23, 2012.

    HHS, DOL, and Department of the Treasury also proposed a template of the Summary of Benefits and Coverage document (available on page 25). Comments are due on or around October 21.


    • Will there also be a source for the uniform glossary and terms that we may post in our documentation?

      Posted by Randyl Kirkland on 8/19/2011 1:28 PM

    • I doubt reading through this material it will be possible to simply explain to lay person what it means... We are sinking in bureaucratic madness...

      Posted by Piotr Sroka PT on 8/30/2011 10:49 PM

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