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  • New in the Literature: Wedged Foot Orthosis (Clin Rehabil. 2011 Jul 25. [Epub ahead of print])

    A rearfoot medially wedged insole is useful in preventing or reducing painful knee or foot symptoms during running in runners with pronated foot, say authors of an article published in Clinical Rehabilitation.

    For this study conducted in a sports gym, 24 runners with pronated foot who experienced pain over the anterior knee or foot region during running were recruited and randomized into the treatment group or the control group. The treatment group received a soft insole with a semi-rigid rearfoot medial wedge. The control group received a soft insole without corrective posting. The immediate and short-term effects of orthosis application on incidence of pain, pain intensity, and onset time were evaluated using the 60-minute treadmill test.

    Immediately after wearing the foot orthosis, pain incidence reduced in the treatment group but not in the control group. After 2 weeks, 7 (58%) participants in the treatment group and 1 (8%) in the control group were free of pain during the test. The pain intensity score decreased significantly after orthosis application, from 35.5 to 17.2 (immediate effect) and then to 12.3 (short-term effect).

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