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  • NIDRR Seeks PT Reviewers for Standing Panels

    Physical therapists (PTs) are encouraged to apply to become peer reviewers for the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) to evaluate Field Initiated Project (FIP) applications. NIDRR receives more than 250 FIP applications per year. NIDRR uses standing panels to enhance continuity, provide for more extensive feedback, and obtain the services of better-qualified reviewers, including those with disabilities and those from diverse backgrounds.

    Generally, peer reviewers serve for 3-year terms on the standing panels with 1 review per year.  Individuals may be qualified to be peer reviewers on the basis of education and training or some combination of personal and professional experience with disability. Federal government employees are not eligible to serve as peer reviewers for NIDRR.

    If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else to serve as a reviewer, submit the following 3 items to David Keer at david.keer@ed.gov: 

    1. a statement indicating willingness to serve on an FIP standing review panel,
    2. a few sentences summarizing areas of expertise, and
    3. an attached copy of a CV or resume.

    The standing panels NIDRR uses are in the areas of: (1) employment outcomes; (2) health and function; (3) technology for access and function; (4) participation and community living; and (5) statistics, outcomes research, disability studies, rehabilitation science, and policy. Each panel has 7 reviewers. In any given year the dates of the review might not work for an individual reviewer, hence a large pool of potential FIP reviewers is needed.

    The review panel meets (via teleconference) for 3 consecutive full-time days to discuss the panel's assigned proposals. About 4 weeks prior to the review, NIDRR mails each reviewer the 16-20 proposals that the panel will discuss.

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